Social Intelligence and our Work Place

‘Two Friends’ by Guy de Maupassant an interesting French short story published on 5 February 1883. In The story two people, Monsieur Morissot, a watchmaker, and Monsieur Sauvage, a draper, meet on every Sunday for fishing at riverside and discuss various topics. Slowly they develop a bond. Sunday fishing becomes their ritual. This story takes place with a war in the background. The place is Paris, during the Franco-Prussian War. Life changes when the war breaks and they are not allowed for fishing as the area of the river falls under occupied territory. They enter there and get caught. They were accused of being a spy. The moral of the story, the way we behave in society. At times we need to control our emotional impulses and behave in accordance with society.

Daniel Goleman an American Psychologist has made extensive research in the domain of social intelligence. This books shares his valuable inputs on human nature. Social intelligence is a science of human relations. How we maintain and nurture the relations and how they benefit us for progress. Writer has proved the way we engage with the social environment results in our external success and shapes our mental and physical health.

Social intelligence could be nurtured. Cooperation, altruism, and empathy are the natural qualities in humans. Our childhood and culture are the main factors in building your social skills. Applying social research at the workplace drains your body resources. Investing in social connections is the best way to improve your health. Empathetic accuracy can help us understand what thread is in front of us, it helps us to make a decision. It is like putting yourself in another person’s shoes and understanding why they feel this way.

The time we spend improving our social intelligence skills helps us at various stages of our life. The people who shout on others, people who beat family members are the people with low social intelligence. It is the symptom that they cannot keep control over their emotions and are unable to behave in society. Understanding other people and respecting their feelings makes us a better person. Low social intelligence leads to narcissist tendencies. Working on social intelligence helps us improve our relations among our family and job place.

Stress can make you sick. The increased stress hampers your health and wellbeing, acknowledges your stress and boosts your social interaction. It helps in terms of support for family and friends. Applying social intelligence in life helps us create an opportunity in life. Daniel Goleman shares various examples from the research conducted.

Practice kindness, into our daily life it will help us improve our empathic accuracy and social intelligence. It will help us to improve our life and make this world a better place.

‘Two Friends’ by Guy de Maupassant is well written and describes the setting of Paris and the outbreak of war. The elaborated description in the story may find something deviating to today’s reader but mind you, it is a piece of literature which was composed much before Daniel Goleman. Today in the light of research conducted by Daniel Goleman and other psychology scholars it is a perfect example of social intelligence.

I personally felt a joy while reading literature and finding the unique connection between. All leaders, teachers and even everybody among us need social intelligence skills to improve our life.

Happy reading!


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Passionate about cinema, fine art, literature and photography, while teaching in media school Rahul Mate makes a little change into the life of people by connecting them with world of creative freedom.

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