2022 Local Marketing Tends

Local Marketing, Option for Digital Marketing

Brevity is the soul of wit.

I always recall these lines of William Shakespeare, it is being ages and we are following it. Technology has altered the process of promotion, publicity and marketing. Lately while roaming in Pune, I came across a standee outside a small shop of seasonal products.

Indian summer is known for Alphonso, right from children to elderly love and relish the alphonso. It is a regional produce and super market chain, regional farmers and small retailers bet for the season.

Amidst of digital marketing and new interactive technology, I often search for innovative ways used for communication. Today business starts with a neatly drafted business plan, the pre and post budget of marketing for any product and event. This is summer a natural phenomenon. The scorching heat and sweat, people hardly move out during a day. But morning and evenings are soothing.

I observe this advertising as a direct communication, there is no simile or allegory which is normally used into advertising. The Fruti ad showcase Aliya Bhatt with set of toys attached with a children story. The ad of Maza is done with Katrina Kaif a Bollywood star endorse the product.

The local shop which sans budget for marketing and advertising has made the standee with the product, Mango and it appeals. “ I have arrived” two words in Marathi a local tongue and with no tongue twister.

I appreciate the way advertising play with design principle Scale where the size of mango is increased and nothing just imagine Mango as a character and its appeal.

The clicked photo belongs to Pune city. I wonder how simple is the idea and how apt is the presentation. As the small local shop mainly has the customers from nearby area and passerby attracted by standee.

The choice of not choosing digital media and using age old media of standee make sense as it communicates louder and message does not get lost in digital clutter.

I often wonder the way marketing communication and advertising is evolving. It is these small things that matters a lot for customers. We can see the small Panadol and frill which reminds us for marriage or funfair location. This is the in-depth study of customer. The study and implementation of culture to make customer more friendly and special works today.

These small business spots give us following take away

  1. Be specific
  2. Talk sense
  3. Understand your audience
  4. Choose the decision maker
  5. Make right appeal
  6. Choose correct place
  7. Be simple
  8. Be ready with presentation
  9. Talk only about the product
  10. Be at tentative

Advertising communication is bombarded to people with different media, people have become smart and they understand the communication. They make decision only if they wish. It is an emotional process. This advertising is directed to children. They wait for a year for this season to come. Children are not the one who shell out money but they certainly influence parents to make purchase.

Often these creative experiments go unnoticed, thus sharing with you. Kindly give your feedback.  I appreciate your suggestions. Kindly share your observation from your vicinity.


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Passionate about cinema, fine art, literature and photography, while teaching in media school Rahul Mate makes a little change into the life of people by connecting them with world of creative freedom.

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