Cannes 2021 and Judoka A book by Thierry Fremaux

Cannes film festival has begun today and it will revitalize the film fraternity across the globe till 17th July 2021. Nothing could stop the Cannes film festival as it is just last year it was canceled. Usually, the Cannes film festival is held in May but this year it has been postponed to July. AllContinue reading “Cannes 2021 and Judoka A book by Thierry Fremaux”

Guru Dutt

Since my college days when professors talked about Gurudutt it was a mystery around his work. I read many article about his life and the stories. Calendars changed cinema travelled from celluloid to digital. In 2005 V K Murthy awarded IIFA life time achievement award and 2010 Dadasaheb Phalke award. I have great regards forContinue reading “Guru Dutt”

Stream of Consciousness

It is the person’s thoughts and feelings which are portrayed on screen or page. They are sometime random or some time shocking but they are continues. We may or may not get the reason behind it easily. In 1890 William James coined this term into ‘Principles of Psychology’. The world of literature got a newContinue reading “Stream of Consciousness”

Don Quixote & Your Truly

Don Quixote novel is full of contradictions and paradox “One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world was better for this. –Don Quixote.” Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra writer of Don Quixote died on 22 April 1616. He was the contemporaryContinue reading “Don Quixote & Your Truly”

1917 by Sam Mendes

      1917 a film narrates a story uninterpreted by editing device like ‘cut’  One soldier sleeping under a tree and another wake him up. He stands up and they starts walking on camera and discuss about their work. Slowly as camera pulls back we see another soldiers resting or doing their daily routineContinue reading “1917 by Sam Mendes”

This is Not the End of the Book

A conversation curated by Jean-Philippe de Tonnac Umberto Eco Jean-Claude Carrière It is one of the precious books with offers a book like a family photo album. Every one of us has grown up with watching family album. Whenever we open it we relive the moments we lived.  When we read a novel we reliveContinue reading “This is Not the End of the Book”