Jim Morrison and Iambic Pentameter

Jim Morrison, the charismatic frontman of The Doors, was not only a mesmerizing performer but also a gifted poet. His song lyrics showcased a depth of emotion and a poetic sensibility that set him apart from his contemporaries. One notable aspect of Morrison’s lyrical prowess was his masterful use of iambic pentameter, a poetic meter that has long been associated with traditional verse forms. This article delves into how Morrison employed iambic pentameter in his song lyrics, highlighting the impact of this poetic technique on his artistic expression.

Understanding Iambic Pentameter Iambic pentameter is a metrical pattern consisting of five pairs of unstressed and stressed syllables, creating a rhythmic pattern that mimics the natural cadence of spoken English. Each pair, known as an iamb, follows the pattern “da-DUM” and serves as a building block for lines of poetry.

Morrison’s Command of Iambic Pentameter A. “The End” “The End,” one of The Doors’ most iconic songs, showcases Morrison’s adeptness with iambic pentameter. Lines like “Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain” and “Of the night, crushed in the crowd” exemplify the regular iambic rhythm that underlies the lyrics. The use of iambic pentameter in this song adds a sense of poetic grandeur and a rhythmic intensity to Morrison’s vivid and introspective verses.

“Riders on the Storm” In “Riders on the Storm,” Morrison weaves iambic pentameter into the song’s haunting atmosphere. The line “There’s a killer on the road, his brain is squirmin’ like a toad” exemplifies the iambic rhythm, with each pair of stressed and unstressed syllables creating a mesmerizing flow. This poetic structure enhances the song’s evocative imagery and contributes to its timeless appeal.

The Impact of Iambic Pentameter on Morrison’s Artistry, Expressing Emotion and Intensity Morrison’s use of iambic pentameter adds a rhythmic quality that enhances the emotional impact of his lyrics. The regular beat of the meter provides a foundation for the powerful delivery of his words, allowing him to evoke a range of emotions, from vulnerability to passion, with precision and resonance.

Harmonizing with Music The iambic pentameter in Morrison’s lyrics harmonizes with the music, creating a seamless fusion of poetry and sound. The rhythmic structure of iambic pentameter complements the musical arrangements of The Doors, enhancing the overall aesthetic experience for listeners.

IV. Morrison’s Poetic Influences Morrison’s mastery of iambic pentameter can be traced back to his study and appreciation of classical poetry and literature. Influenced by the works of poets like William Shakespeare and William Blake, Morrison drew upon their poetic techniques, including iambic pentameter, to shape his own artistic voice.

Jim Morrison’s own reflections on poetry shed light on his affinity for iambic pentameter and his understanding of its impact. In an interview, he stated, “I think in poetic terms, in terms of speech. I think in iambic pentameter.” These words reveal Morrison’s deep connection to the rhythmic structure and his intentional use of iambic pentameter as a foundation for his poetic expression.

Jim Morrison’s use of iambic pentameter in his song lyrics is a testament to his poetic


Ode to Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison, the enigmatic frontman of The Doors, was known for his mystique and elusive persona. Despite his untimely death, a handful of rare interviews provide glimpses into the mind and motivations of this iconic figure. This article delves into these interviews, offering a deeper understanding of Jim Morrison’s thoughts, beliefs, and creative process. Through citations and quotations, we unravel the enigma of the man behind the music.

The Artistic Vision In an interview with Rolling Stone in 1968, Morrison spoke of his artistic vision, saying, “I like ideas about the breaking away or overthrowing of established order. I am interested in anything about revolt, disorder, chaos, especially activity that seems to have no meaning.”

Morrison’s fascination with rebellion and the exploration of the unconventional is reflected in his lyrics, which often challenged societal norms and ventured into existential and poetic realms.

The Power of Poetry Morrison’s deep-rooted connection to poetry shaped his approach to music. He considered himself primarily a poet, as he explained in an interview with PBS in 1970: “I think of myself as a writer first. […] I see myself as a poet first and a rock artist second.”

Morrison’s poetic sensibility and the lyrical complexity of his work elevated his songwriting to a level beyond traditional rock music, making him a figure revered not just as a musician but as a poet of his time.

The Role of Performance Morrison’s on-stage performances were legendary, characterized by his intense charisma and unpredictable behavior. In an interview with the Village Voice in 1968, he shed light on his stage persona, stating, “I guess I have an actor’s instinct, you know. I mean, I act every night, you know? You get up there and you can be anyone you want.”

His ability to transform on stage and embody various characters added to the allure and magnetism of his performances, captivating audiences and solidifying his status as a rock icon.

The Exploration of Consciousness Morrison’s interviews often touched on his interest in expanding consciousness and embracing altered states of perception. In an interview with Crawdaddy Magazine in 1967, he shared, “I believe in a long, prolonged, derangement of the senses to obtain the unknown.”

This fascination with altered states of consciousness is reflected in the psychedelic nature of The Doors’ music and Morrison’s poetic exploration of themes such as mysticism, spirituality, and the human psyche.

The Clash of Identities Morrison grappled with the complexities of his identity, often wrestling with the contrasting personas of the stage performer and the introspective poet. In a 1969 interview with WLS-TV, he stated, “I’m just a musician and poet who had an early success, and who sometimes feels overwhelmed by his work and by the demands made on him.”

This struggle with identity and the pressures of fame contributed to Morrison’s enigmatic and sometimes contradictory public image, adding to the mystique that continues to surround him.

Jim Morrison’s rare interviews provide only fragments of his complex personality and artistic vision, they offer valuable insights into the mind of an extraordinary artist. From his emphasis on poetry to his exploration of rebellion, altered consciousness, and the clash of identities, these interviews shed light on the enigmatic figure behind the music. Through his words, we glimpse the creative force that made Jim Morrison an enduring icon of rock music and poetic expression.

A page from my diary

It has been a long time since I wrote for wordpress. I appreciate this platform for offering such a wonderful service to writers.

2022 has been a rough year for me. I lost one of  my friends and my dad. I will never forget this year. It has been 3 months and now I have gathered the courage to write again. Lately I completed many online digital marketing courses. It helped me understand the market much better. But when I look at the neighbourhood, I find it more dynamic.

The war between Russia and Ukraine really touched all of us. The growing attacks on journo raise the alarming issue of freedom of expression. This always has been the issue now we are approaching it from closer.

The much needed development into journalism brought some interest of viewers back to TV news. It is wonderful to see cultural, art, music, drama, cinema, architecture, heritage, culinary, fashion, trends, travel, science and development news followed by some sensible political news. This structure of content was started by France24 and later adopted by Aljazeera, BBC, CNN and many international channels. I am thrilled to see this change at international level.

This year, I am finding better content in books of fiction and nonfiction. The war, price rise, AI, political turmoil, and scientific developments has really challenged writers to find their cosy corner and pen down all the chronicles or their narrative.

I am sure you all must be busy with your daily grid, I thank you all for spending time and reading my blog. I like this log format of writing over tweeter or any other visual format. My prayers are with you.

Bidding Adieu to 2022

Jean Luc Godard bid adieu to world on 13 September 2022, a man who inspired a legion of directors across the globe. Many cinematographers and directors mentions him with due respect. He has been the backbone of French New Wave cinema. Once, I was reading an interview given by lady film editor who edited his films. She revealed her experience while cutting his films. He never asked or offered a chance to an editor. He knew the film into his brain, he just use to give orders to play, pause and cut. Godard has been the only director in the world who shot films without script, and edited it without EDL. He created a new film grammar to generations to come. Today when we watch his films, we assimilate the information and after watching the film we start connecting the pieces of information to understand the narrative. At last it is film reciprocation. It is hard to imagine Cannes film festival without Godard. He began his career as a film critic and later became a film director. He is the only example of this soft who learned filmmaking from Z to A and taught us again from A to Z.

It was 6th Feb and news flashed. Lata-didi left the Bollywood empty, It was the biggest blow to Bollywood and all music fraternity. Lata-didi who sang for almost 6 decades and conferred numerous awards created her milestone. Bollywood music is a genre but it is Lata-didi who has major contribution into it. She is one of those singers who lent her voice to almost 4 generations of actresses on screen. Jazz musician Luis Banks has a fond of memories to assisting him.

Bollywood cinema which is known for its inclusion of song, dance, music it is Lata-didi who has witnessed all the creative and technological changes. Lata-didi is an idol today for any singer who starts singing.

KK – who left us suffocated on 31st May 2022,  KK who started his career around two decades ago. It was 1999 when his 1st single was released. We remember when it was the beginning of Channel V in India. Music videos and their market of CDs and DVDs. Live shows and concerts. It was a different market was getting developed. KK happiness to be the rock star of this market. Soon KK became so popular that he was flooded with Bollywood offers. He chose very few and made those songs timeless classics. Today he has left us with nostalgia.

Pundit Birju Maharaj who left us with empty stage on 17 January 2022, his presence on stage was enigmatic. Everyone who loves dance and who don’t like dance use to get mesmerized.  Pt. Birju Maharaj dedicated to dance watched all the world through dance and took the practice and expressions of dance to new heights.

Bappi Lahiri who left us with his maverick music style on February 15 ,2022. Bappi Lahiri started his music direction in 80s. It was the most volatile period for country and even for the world. Electronic instruments were used into music composition. Electric guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, octa pad, beats etc. Bappi Lahiri adopted the technique and went on composting many popular songs. It is this period where multi track recording was possible and technological shift of audio recording has taken place. Studios went from analogue to digital. Many studios, musicians, composers and conductors left with disillusionment. Bappi Da build a new team. Today when Bollywood films use his music as a metaphor for 80s decade.

Raju Srivastava

 A man from humble background has witnessed the high of career as a comedian. He us perhaps the legendary comedian who came to light while not acting in films. The Reality show of Indian Television has made a start. He turns into a light house and guide millions of others to express their opinion with apt words.

Raju Srivastava, who is famous for his sarcasm. He started his career in 90s and made the TV show immortal. The reality TV was something a new genre in India for the decade of 2000. It is comedy show which became hot favourite to all Indians. Somewhere these comedy shows also created a platform for standup comedy and soon it became a ritual for cozy restaurants in next decade of 2020s.

Today it is college students who wish to create their career into stand-up comedy. Really, these two decades of new millennia has evolved the taste of Indians. Somewhere the credit goes to Raju Srivastava. He started as a mimicry artist and became a legendary comedian.

I wish you all Happy New Year. Many have left us. I lost my dad this year. At the same time many new ventures have emerged. One need to live in the moment. I appreciate you love, support for reading and following my blog.

Happy New Year to you and your family.