Emotional Intelligence

The other day I was discussing O. Henry’s ”After Twenty Years” story in my class. A piece of literature written in 1906. It is an interesting story of two friends who decide to meet at a same place after 20 years. What an idea used in story.

This story categorically revolves around the characters Bob and Jimmy. It was 1906 when the compete world at the beginning of Industrial revolution 1.0 and today we are at the juncture of industry revolution 4.0 Each industrial revolution altered our lifestyle.

There was a time when IQ was considered to be most important but today EQ (Emotional Quotient) is more important. Industrial development made our life easy by offering us various tools and boosted the production. This saved a lot of time of our time and we developed a habit of expecting from machines, humans, family, friends and from each part of life.

Daniel Goleman an American Writer and Psychiatrist who devoted his life in studying emotional intelligence. At the time of interview, exams, competition or public speaking event it is more important for us to understand who we are and how to react. The voluminous study Daniel Goleman has created in this domain that he penned a series of books on this topic.

Today I am talking about Emotional Intelligence, Writer, explains us the importance of emotional intelligence into our day-today life. It is not IQ what matters in life is EQ, All decisions we make in life are mainly based upon emotions. The same principle is applied for other people. At workplace or market place. A customer makes decision of buying or discussion about product pr service is out of emotions.

Writers explains how to recognize the emotional triggers into our life and how can we control them. Daniel Goleman explains the complicated theories of psychology with various real life experiences and examples. This makes this book unique in its series. As a parent, friend or family it is a helpful book to introspect and change our behaviour for better change.

It is one of the top 25 books of business declared by times. This book is helpful in leadership to understand how to manage our inner self, this helps in managing our relations with other people and this helps in a way to manage outer world. Each element is interconnected.

This O. Henry’s ”After Twenty Years” story also inspired film directors to make films. There is a Bollywood film loosely based upon this story. The crux of the story, how the life of Bob and Jimmy change over 20 years and it all takes place due the choices they make into their life. One became police and other become thief. It is not the matter of time, or IQ what matters the most is your EQ. It is better to know our own EQ and develop it further to face different challenges of life and overcome various obstacles.

There is another story, ‘Two Friends’ by Guy de Maupassant is the story of two men who meet up despite war. I will discuss this story in reference with Daniel Goleman’s another book Social Intelligence.

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