Archie miss Tom Moore

The world of cartoons is enjoyed by children and elders. Many
teachers, leaders and communication exports have exploited cartoons
for their whims and fancies. Cartoons make the message attractive,
spicy for all the readers. The cartoon artist who is involved in
finding the inspiration from song, poetry or real-life incidence or
character, political or socio economical scenario always kept behind
the curtains. Cartoon characters make their place in the heart of
their readers. These readers narrate these characters to next
Archie and his Riverdale pals made their mark from 1953 to the late
1980s. Tom Moore who started this career in US Navy made cartoons of
his Caption. Soon he got promotion as a staff cartoonist. He was
surprised to be admired for his original strength. He developed
Archie, as well as Under Dog and Mighty Mouse comics.  Archie Comics
started in 1941, loosely inspired by the Andy Hardy movies of the
1930s. Bob Montana created “Archie” in 1941, and Moore took over in
1953. He studied under the mentorship of comic strip illustrator Burne
Hogarth on “Tarzan”.  He was pleased which he saw, he is remembered as
a legend in El Paso. Brad Wilson quoted, “A lot of people don’t
realize how much he influenced comic book art.”   Archie represent
America’s typical teenager, who constantly raise the questions. He
worked on them till 1989. Moore worked furiously to beat the time; he
delivered his work in six months advance.
Victor Gorelick once said, “Tom had a funny spine; he had a knack for
putting together hilarious gags at Archie.” Moore was best known for
drawing a reboot of the “Jughead” series in the 1980s, featuring
Archie’s best friend and sidekick. As a passage of time Archie handled
modern topics and add greater diversity to its cast.
The sale of hard copy of ‘Archie’ is always more than half a million
and it is a very successful number for any comic book.  There are only
select few who earn this knack to comment on the socio-political
affairs which affect our life. Tom Moore is one of those few who made
us laugh and made us aware on various counter about our right or
Walt Disney once said, “All cartoon characters and fables must be
exaggeration, caricatures. It is the very nature of fantasy and

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Passionate about cinema, fine art, literature and photography, while teaching in media school Rahul Mate makes a little change into the life of people by connecting them with world of creative freedom.

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