Guru Dutt

Since my college days when professors talked about Gurudutt it was a mystery around his work. I read many article about his life and the stories. Calendars changed cinema travelled from celluloid to digital. In 2005 V K Murthy awarded IIFA life time achievement award and 2010 Dadasaheb Phalke award. I have great regards forContinue reading “Guru Dutt”


News paper of any country is the real identity of civilization. English daily in India has always had an aura. Those were the days of less population and less development and very few knew English language but the charm of journalism was at its peak. English daily was the decision maker for Indians and theContinue reading “M V KAMTH AN UNSUNG HERO OF JOURNALISM”

The Superstar Syndrome

The Superstar Syndrome Book by Myra S White The Harvard Professor Myra S White and Sanjay Jha has inspired with their experience of teaching. They observed the students they taught and how they excel in career. A country like India which has greater young population, need this training for their students who will be making their ownContinue reading “The Superstar Syndrome”


William McIlvanney started the famous Scottish writer, poet and short story writer bid adieu to the world on 5 Dec 2015. He started his career as a English teacher. His novels Laidlaw, The Papers of Tony Veitch, and Walking Wounded explored the life and landscape of Glasgow of 1970s. He being the child of swingingContinue reading “WILLIAM MCILVANNEY THE FATHER OF TARTAN NOIR”

Archie miss Tom Moore

The world of cartoons is enjoyed by children and elders. Many teachers, leaders and communication exports have exploited cartoons for their whims and fancies. Cartoons make the message attractive, spicy for all the readers. The cartoon artist who is involved in finding the inspiration from song, poetry or real-life incidence or character, political or socioContinue reading “Archie miss Tom Moore”

Joy to the World

“It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love” Moliere            British came to India in 1600 and established their business. Christmas was alien to this soil till then. Brits celebrated Christmas with low sound. It was 1822 that first house of Brit was built in Shimla.Continue reading “Joy to the World”

Bipin Chandra who wrote a chapter in Indian History

Bipin Chandra mentioned this fact in his interview to Rediff, he never afraid of arguing the truth. Bipin Chandra who born in 1928, Kangra Vally(then Punjab), Himachal Pradesh, has witnessed India being formed and Governments been made.  He was educated in Lahore and Stanford University and Delhi University. He worked as a professor at JNU.Continue reading “Bipin Chandra who wrote a chapter in Indian History”

Kudos to Strand Book Stall

                                I remember the last summer when I was reading the books on Federico Fellini and his style of film making. The very subject fascinated me as his films inspired many film makers from all over the world. As a film student I did find a cord between French Avant Grade Cinema, German Expressionism and ItalianContinue reading “Kudos to Strand Book Stall”

David Balie a Lens man who crafted swinging 60s

David Balie a filmgoer who has fascination of silver screen and the images right from his childhood.  His housed was bombed when he was three and use to stay in Leytonstone and just next street East End where Alfred Hitchcock is borne. Mickey Mouse and Bambi have been his childhood fantasies. He started his careerContinue reading “David Balie a Lens man who crafted swinging 60s”