Emotional Intelligence

The other day I was discussing O. Henry’s ”After Twenty Years” story in my class. A piece of literature written in 1906. It is an interesting story of two friends who decide to meet at a same place after 20 years. What an idea used in story. This story categorically revolves around the characters BobContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence”


Make Your Photo A Memory

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ somebody said long back. I believe it is true only if you have a thought behind it. We live with visual language. Every day we see so many objects but we remember very few as only they attract us. The same thing I would like to talk about isContinue reading “Make Your Photo A Memory”

Yearend Musing

Merry Christmas 2021        Suddenly a popup came as a Christmas sale! It put a wave of excitement through my body. I looked into the mirror. I took a close look at myself. It has been a year since last Christmas I saw the green red caps and Santa masks. Every year the town celebratesContinue reading “Yearend Musing”

Jhon Rambo a Character

Jhon Rambo a Character & Creative Writing Respective Jhon Rambo the character of Sylvester Stallone is known today to every house hold. David Morrell who created this character in 1972 novel First Blood. This novel was adopted into movie by same name in 1982 by Ted Kotcheff.  Sylvester Stallone who played this character became legend.Continue reading “Jhon Rambo a Character”

Ogla Tokarczuk Nobel

Last year, I discussed #Ogla Tokarczuk as #Scandinavian writer in class. I discussed it in a class of media culture and society. Today I am pleased read that she is winner of 2018 #Literature #Nobel. I am feeling happy within to read her implacable book Flights. It is interesting to see, the book was notContinue reading “Ogla Tokarczuk Nobel”

21 lessons for 21st century

Lately I read this book. This book explains the anxiety of today’s working class and the challenges of tomorrow. It is an enticing piece of writing. I feel so connected to this writing as it unfolds all the loops of life. As we are living in a time when there are no narratives and weContinue reading “21 lessons for 21st century”


News paper of any country is the real identity of civilization. English daily in India has always had an aura. Those were the days of less population and less development and very few knew English language but the charm of journalism was at its peak. English daily was the decision maker for Indians and theContinue reading “M V KAMTH AN UNSUNG HERO OF JOURNALISM”

Silly Indian Mistakes in English

Silly Indian Mistakes in English The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself. Said the1992 Nobel Prize in Literature, Nobel lariats Derek Walcott the Professor of Poetry at the University of Essex said in a private discussion with students. Today, when IContinue reading “Silly Indian Mistakes in English”

Ivanka Trump offers the word of the year

Dictionary.com is a web portal dedicated to English language. Every day they come up with a word of the day. This website closely work with the development of English language and current developments in writing in press, periodicals, books and other material. Yesterday they have declared ‘complicit’ as its word of the year. Complicit –Continue reading “Ivanka Trump offers the word of the year”