You will never walk alone Gerry Marsden

The chill wind of December and rising worry, remind me of the song ‘you will never walk alone’, Garry Marsden British singer-songwriter and musician gave us an immortal song. A contemporary to Beatles who rocked swinging 60s. Gerry and the Pacemakers were formed in 1959 and went till 1966. Then he moved to Television, TVContinue reading “You will never walk alone Gerry Marsden”


After 500 years Canadian band The Beaches set free Shakespeare’s Desdemona

Rock and Roll of 70s reminds us the freedom of expression and the new beginning of life along with ting of urbanization. Tens and thousands of song written and made human emotions immortal. We find these songs even relevant today. Canada has always received this Rock and Roll with open heart. Recently a girl bandContinue reading “After 500 years Canadian band The Beaches set free Shakespeare’s Desdemona”

Bon Jovi – Do What You Can

Covid-19 – Sometime adverse conditions shape your creativity. Bon Jovi opened his community restaurants to all needy people. He distributed free food. It was his attempt to fight Covid-19. His wife took his snap while he was helping the needy people. He just reacted to one fellow, ‘do what you can’ and there came thisContinue reading “Bon Jovi – Do What You Can”