Make Your Photo A Memory

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ somebody said long back. I believe it is true only if you have a thought behind it. We live with visual language. Every day we see so many objects but we remember very few as only they attract us. The same thing I would like to talk about isContinue reading “Make Your Photo A Memory”


A click

“For me, the camera is a sketchbook, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.”– Henri Cartier-Bresson I remember when I first clicked the photo, it was a feeling of accomplishment. Soon came to the world of digital transformation and the art of photography became a digit. A thought changed from what you click to how many youContinue reading “A click”

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all my readers 2021 many traders tried their best in Pune to showcase and offer options but buyers didn’t respond. It is really sad to mention after asking a dozen of business owners. Everyone echoed, there are no buyers. It could be seen that fewer firecrackers and few households have hung theContinue reading “Happy Diwali”

Pune Parvati

Parvati has been the identity of Pune. It is also famous for God Karthik mandir. Many enthusiasts come every day for daily exercise and fresh air. There are many groups of varied age groups. Every year there is a grand festival. We can watch the complete spread of the city from Parvati top

Pune Ganesh Ustav 2019

This year the Ganesh Ustav in Pune has a different beauty.  The end of August and drizzle of ‘Sharavan’ has put Ganesh Idol retailers on edge. I took my Cannon EOS and went on to click the pre-Ganesh Ustav days in city. Many retailers have become more apt into their craft. Every vendor try and keepContinue reading “Pune Ganesh Ustav 2019”

The Kiss

                                     Initially photography was used to capture the portraits of then social elites and social landscape. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.” Salman Rushdie,   went further byContinue reading “The Kiss”

David Balie a Lens man who crafted swinging 60s

David Balie a filmgoer who has fascination of silver screen and the images right from his childhood.  His housed was bombed when he was three and use to stay in Leytonstone and just next street East End where Alfred Hitchcock is borne. Mickey Mouse and Bambi have been his childhood fantasies. He started his careerContinue reading “David Balie a Lens man who crafted swinging 60s”