You will never walk alone Gerry Marsden

The chill wind of December and rising worry, remind me of the song ‘you will never walk alone’, Garry Marsden British singer-songwriter and musician gave us an immortal song. A contemporary to Beatles who rocked swinging 60s. Gerry and the Pacemakers were formed in 1959 and went till 1966. Then he moved to Television, TVContinue reading “You will never walk alone Gerry Marsden”


The Bollywood Melodies

Bollywood films are incomplete with Bollywood film music. Song, dance, drama have been the pillars of India’s narrative for ages. The voluminous work of Bollywood films is really impossible to put in one book. Ganesh Ananthraman a non-writer and music enthusiast has done this major task. Ganeshji has spent his life watching Bollywood films, readingContinue reading “The Bollywood Melodies”

Pune Ganesh Ustav 2019

This year the Ganesh Ustav in Pune has a different beauty.  The end of August and drizzle of ‘Sharavan’ has put Ganesh Idol retailers on edge. I took my Cannon EOS and went on to click the pre-Ganesh Ustav days in city. Many retailers have become more apt into their craft. Every vendor try and keepContinue reading “Pune Ganesh Ustav 2019”

Modern Music events

Zurich Street Parade is been a sensation in all newspaper and media houses. 2nd August 4, 2014. Zurich celebrated this Street Parade with participation of more than 9,50,000 techno fans  marked their presence. The wonderful part of this Street Parade is, it invite all nationals and celebrate. This year the theme was ‘enjoy the dance floorContinue reading “Modern Music events”

Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan a Linguistic Outlook

Music legend Bob Dylan who influenced the generations of poets, lyricists and singers with his own style of songs and compositions won the Nobel Literature lately. He is the first to receive this honor as a songwriter and poet. Many journalists, bloggers, researchers, writers, sociologists, socio-psychologists have written many books, research papers and articles onContinue reading “Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan a Linguistic Outlook”

Dolores O’Riordan Trope to Alternate Rock

Dolores O’Riordan the lead singer of Irish band Cranberries bid adieu yesterday. She became famous for her song, ‘Zombie’ to this generation. This year when I had my retro music session in class, some of the class students started crooning her song zombie; there I realized the mojo of her voice. The Cranberries became internationallyContinue reading “Dolores O’Riordan Trope to Alternate Rock”

Record Store’s Day

Way back in 80s when music cassettes came in India, it was a favourite corner of home where music lovers use to store their trove of music. Music record labels like Sony, BMG Crescendo, TDK came to India. Indian giants like HMV, Venus, Tips and T-series have made their mark on customers. The craze of Juke Box music of 70sContinue reading “Record Store’s Day”