William McIlvanney started the famous Scottish writer, poet and short story writer bid adieu to the world on 5 Dec 2015. He started his career as a English teacher. His novels Laidlaw, The Papers of Tony Veitch, and Walking Wounded explored the life and landscape of Glasgow of 1970s. He being the child of swingingContinue reading “WILLIAM MCILVANNEY THE FATHER OF TARTAN NOIR”

A New Film School: Dum Laga ke Haisha

             A family film, after a long time Bollywood has produced a family drama which holds a potential to entice audience to the edge of the seat. Unfortunately this film could not stand on theaters for a long time.  Dum Laga ke Haisha is made with US$2.4 million and generated US$4.8 million on boxContinue reading “A New Film School: Dum Laga ke Haisha”


Every day we interact with our family, friends and collogue. Do we realize how many new words or combinations we coin? Very easily we slide our tongue and we twist it as per our mood. Let us take an example from English. It is very liberal and straight language. The meaning of the word doesContinue reading “Neologism”

Kudos to Strand Book Stall

                                I remember the last summer when I was reading the books on Federico Fellini and his style of film making. The very subject fascinated me as his films inspired many film makers from all over the world. As a film student I did find a cord between French Avant Grade Cinema, German Expressionism and ItalianContinue reading “Kudos to Strand Book Stall”