Web Series Reign in India  

While the exodus of the Indian audience away from their idiot boxes may well be underway, web series are slowly and steadily replacing television soap operas for the aam janta. But do we really step away from the mainstream? Do we give offbeat web series a chance after all? The shows like Permanent Roommates, TriplingContinue reading ” Web Series Reign in India  “

PIFF 2018

PIFF has opened its screens for world cinema in Pune. The film lovers are thrilled to watch the film from across the globe. This year PIFF was focusing on film which talks about human lives. The director of PIFF, Dr. Patel said in an exclusive interview; “As the socio-political situation around the world changes, cinemaContinue reading “PIFF 2018”

Record Store’s Day

Way back in 80s when music cassettes came in India, it was a favourite corner of home where music lovers use to store their trove of music. Music record labels like Sony, BMG Crescendo, TDK came to India. Indian giants like HMV, Venus, Tips and T-series have made their mark on customers. The craze of Juke Box music of 70sContinue reading “Record Store’s Day”


William McIlvanney started the famous Scottish writer, poet and short story writer bid adieu to the world on 5 Dec 2015. He started his career as a English teacher. His novels Laidlaw, The Papers of Tony Veitch, and Walking Wounded explored the life and landscape of Glasgow of 1970s. He being the child of swingingContinue reading “WILLIAM MCILVANNEY THE FATHER OF TARTAN NOIR”

The Hell Freezes Over

Glenn Frey the founder of Eagles is died at 67. He has been the song writer, guitarist and sung dozens of songs for Eagles.  This American rock band gave immortal hits songs like, Hotel California, take it easy, Desperado and Lyin’ eyes.  Eagles have been the greatest selling album of “Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975,” ofContinue reading “The Hell Freezes Over”

Archie miss Tom Moore

The world of cartoons is enjoyed by children and elders. Many teachers, leaders and communication exports have exploited cartoons for their whims and fancies. Cartoons make the message attractive, spicy for all the readers. The cartoon artist who is involved in finding the inspiration from song, poetry or real-life incidence or character, political or socioContinue reading “Archie miss Tom Moore”

Joy to the World

“It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love” Moliere            British came to India in 1600 and established their business. Christmas was alien to this soil till then. Brits celebrated Christmas with low sound. It was 1822 that first house of Brit was built in Shimla.Continue reading “Joy to the World”

Reign García Márquez over magical-realism

                 ‘Gabo’one of the most significant authors of the 20th century who got the 1972 Neustadt International Prize for Literature and the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature. Very strikingly he left law school to pursued a self-directed education for a career in journalism. From early on, he showed no inhibitions inContinue reading “Reign García Márquez over magical-realism”

Kudos to Strand Book Stall

                                I remember the last summer when I was reading the books on Federico Fellini and his style of film making. The very subject fascinated me as his films inspired many film makers from all over the world. As a film student I did find a cord between French Avant Grade Cinema, German Expressionism and ItalianContinue reading “Kudos to Strand Book Stall”

The Kiss

                                     Initially photography was used to capture the portraits of then social elites and social landscape. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.” Salman Rushdie,   went further byContinue reading “The Kiss”