This is Not the End of the Book

A conversation curated by Jean-Philippe de Tonnac Umberto Eco Jean-Claude Carrière It is one of the precious books with offers a book like a family photo album. Every one of us has grown up with watching family album. Whenever we open it we relive the moments we lived.  When we read a novel we reliveContinue reading “This is Not the End of the Book”

Farid Camera Museum a Gem of Kondhwa

Farid Camera Museum a gem in Kondhwa, It has become a landmark. You will not find any information on Google or any app. It was my second visit this year to this museum. Mr. Farid and his son Mr. Ahmad warmly welcomed us. They showed each camera and other equipment enthusiastically to us. The wayContinue reading “Farid Camera Museum a Gem of Kondhwa”

Pune Ganesh Ustav 2019

This year the Ganesh Ustav in Pune has a different beauty.  The end of August and drizzle of ‘Sharavan’ has put Ganesh Idol retailers on edge. I took my Cannon EOS and went on to click the pre-Ganesh Ustav days in city. Many retailers have become more apt into their craft. Every vendor try and keepContinue reading “Pune Ganesh Ustav 2019”

21 lessons for 21st century

Lately I read this book. This book explains the anxiety of today’s working class and the challenges of tomorrow. It is an enticing piece of writing. I feel so connected to this writing as it unfolds all the loops of life. As we are living in a time when there are no narratives and weContinue reading “21 lessons for 21st century”

Modern Music events

Zurich Street Parade is been a sensation in all newspaper and media houses. 2nd August 4, 2014. Zurich celebrated this Street Parade with participation of more than 9,50,000 techno fans  marked their presence. The wonderful part of this Street Parade is, it invite all nationals and celebrate. This year the theme was ‘enjoy the dance floorContinue reading “Modern Music events”

Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan a Linguistic Outlook

Music legend Bob Dylan who influenced the generations of poets, lyricists and singers with his own style of songs and compositions won the Nobel Literature lately. He is the first to receive this honor as a songwriter and poet. Many journalists, bloggers, researchers, writers, sociologists, socio-psychologists have written many books, research papers and articles onContinue reading “Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan a Linguistic Outlook”

Ivanka Trump offers the word of the year is a web portal dedicated to English language. Every day they come up with a word of the day. This website closely work with the development of English language and current developments in writing in press, periodicals, books and other material. Yesterday they have declared ‘complicit’ as its word of the year. Complicit –Continue reading “Ivanka Trump offers the word of the year”

Monica Bellucci How Much Do You Love Me

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Aristotle I live by this definition but the bard of Avon has enlighten me with so many definitions of love. I will be happy to share a couple of them. ‘To be wise and love, Exceeds man’s might’ (Troilus & Cressida – Act 3, Scene 2)Continue reading “Monica Bellucci How Much Do You Love Me”

The Superstar Syndrome

The Superstar Syndrome Book by Myra S White The Harvard Professor Myra S White and Sanjay Jha has inspired with their experience of teaching. They observed the students they taught and how they excel in career. A country like India which has greater young population, need this training for their students who will be making their ownContinue reading “The Superstar Syndrome”