Indian writers who shaped decade

The last decade has gave us many writers. They emerged with their books and enriched our imagination. We walked with them, we talked about their work and some alleged them. In all this hype an hoopla they rose by leap and bound. January touch the winter and February kiss the financial planning, March comes with surprises and April May play twin, June July August September too much rain and October November we enjoy fest. We don’t get time to look back. It is this December sans festival lets enjoy the year end. I will be penning their charm into drabble

Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye

November 17th 2000, my distant cousin Sunil was sipping tea. He was asking my mother if I could assist him in marriage video shooting. The answer was obvious ‘No’. I went to watch Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye. The film showcased marriage video making profession to be glamorous. The talkative characters reminded me 1968 Brahmachari. Flaunting video camera inspired many Indians, It was mini DV camcorders. A video camera became key element in life.  Film was successful on box office. We find this romcom interesting. While returning, I thought, how shooting marriage video can be a career? Well, let’s see!

Books & Hope

March 13th an official notice is served, soon in couple of days whole world went under lock down. Newspapers soon stopped printing. My online book delivery was cancelled and as residential area was declared contentment zone. Ambulance siren, empty roads filled with silence. A rising heart beat could easily be heard. Elderly were sad and worried. Young were nerves with the very thought of lockdown. The mind went numb and I cling to my books. One after another so many I cleared, it gave me hope, and it gave me strength and the same I passed it to my family.   

Diego Maradona

1986, Diego changed the fate of the game. Soccer became famous in all continents. His charisma reign yesterday, today and tomorrow. Diego played for country, Argentina was his family. People loved Diego over their broken dreams, lost hope and devastated life. Millions soccer fans are broke in tears with the news. I remember when Diego visited Calcutta and expressed his observation on Indian soccer under 17. He said, “There is great interest in soccer. I can develop soccer in this country, this country can play in Fifa”. Well, it is one of the unfinished wish of Diego and million others.  


An early winter morning, sun is orange, rising and road is covered with fog. I admire the ritual of paperboys, the way they deliver newspapers. A tea joint and chuckles of morning walkers, I overheard several subjects, range from home to hospitals, economy to election and politics to publicity. They were enthusiastically sharing opinions and enjoying what is in print, web and screen. They laughed, hated and argued but it is over a cup of tea. The tea is over and so do morning. It is broad daylight. We are ready for a day.

Winter Morning

SP Balasubrahmanyam Drabble 4

Bollywood was unknown for well-build body of a hero. It is Salman Khan who came in 90s but to choose a singer for him as a playback was challenge. SPB proved to be a perfect for Salman Khan. Maine Pyar Kiya a legendary film. The voice of SPB sound so unique that Bollywood music lovers listened it again and again till the cassettes broke. Today after nearly 30 years it is a celestial voice which transforms listener. SPB a man who build a generation of 90s with his voice. Kudos to SPB to sing in 16 languages. RIP  


Drabble a literary tool. A story should be composed and narrated into 100 words only. It is a wonderful way to learn the concise communication. post your opinions
Drabble 1

Narendra shouted my name, it is such a rare moment in life, he never yelled out my name before. He then collected my 100rs and asked me to accompany him to reach to Mr. Khopade’s home. Mr. Khopde was a newspaper vendor and today it is the 10th day after his demise. He is left with old wife and a special child. We delivered the glossary kit and left for the day. As we always put our heart and soul to earn a dime.But, It is no money moral or might what we strive is for next bite

Luke Combs, “Six Feet Apart”

An American country singer who is known for his famous number ‘Hurricane’ wrote this song and struck a chord with fans. Luck Combs wrote this song with Brent Cobb and Rob Snyder. It was a mutual feeling and they expressed it on video conference. Next day the song is made and released online. We can listen the powerhouse voice of Luke Combs. Who has become a sensation with this song during Covid-19. The song narrate common emotions how we all miss our mom, dad and the road where we use to stroll. A true to life lyrics admired by all.

Bon Jovi – Do What You Can

Covid-19 – Sometime adverse conditions shape your creativity. Bon Jovi opened his community restaurants to all needy people. He distributed free food. It was his attempt to fight Covid-19. His wife took his snap while he was helping the needy people. He just reacted to one fellow, ‘do what you can’ and there came this song ‘Do What You Can’. He decided to record it along with his fans. He asked them to write, record and share it him. He announced their names and lyrics. He assured, “we all will sail through this pandemic”. It was a much needed support.

Hugo by Martin Scorsese

It is 1931


Hugo’s secret world. He moves quickly up and down spiral staircases … ducking through tiny openings … swerving in and out of dark passages … up and down, back and forth… Like an elaborate game of Chutes and Ladders. He finally stops. Peers through another clock dial into a different part of the station.

He sees… A TOY BOOTH.

Once in years a film comes and pay homage to early filmmakers. Martin Scorsese who has made this film. This film narrates a story of French Film Master whose name was dusted and went into history during WW I and WWII. It is George Mellise. The man who inspired the generations of filmmakers to create special effects and to explore the potential of cinema.

Hugo is based upon a book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, 2007, by Brian Selznick.  It is a half graphic half prose novel. Brian more an illustrator than a writer. He is much passionate about the literature and stories. It is the reality what we see in film. Georges Melies’s films were destroyed to create soles for shoes. George Melies was so disturved that he burned most of his films. Around 1924 a journalist who was writing a book on Film Hostory Georges-Michel Coissac found him in a toy shop. He was pleased and shocked to meet Melies and recorded his interview. Soon the other journalists jumped to Melies but Melies then never made any films. Melies then talked about making films to everyone who met and continued his passion for cinema till his last moment.

Georges-Michel Coissac a journalist found him back and wrote a book on cinema

Hugo Cabret an orphan child who limits his life to the watch clock. His uncle is in charge of the clocks at a Gare Montparnasse railway station in Paris. Hugo possess some designs, and a mechanical half complete device as a last memoir of his father. It is his only property. The fading memory of childhood and empty stomach makes him snatch the food from the different stalls around the station.

Far from the fairytale his life is limited to the maze of ladders, catwalks, passages and gears of the clockworks. He secretly follows the routine to keep the clocks on correct time as finds pride into it. We follow the child and how this child enters into the life of Georges Melies.

I find it as a best example of story inside a story. We start with the story of Hugo, then we are smitten by the curious person Geroge Melies and then at the end we find yet another story of the birth of French Cinema. This film leaves a lasting impression of legendary film maker George Melies and his unsung legacy. The other sub plots and sub character who find their thread of life. I took it as a semiotics of French Cinema.

Truly a master piece which goes beyond a documentary and pays tributes to George Melies into his own way. Director Martin Scorsese who is one of the senior director who has made films from more than last 50 years. He often express his passion for film making and help budding film makers. The story of Hugo somewhere reflect Martin Scorsese. There is a same thread among George Melies and rest of the passionate film directors who always experiment and evolve with Cinema.

This film can be enjoyed as a journey of George Melies who started special effects into filmmaking, Brian Selznick whose efforts goes beyond the graphic novel and  Martin Scorsese who developed cinema as a form transcends audience into 1930s George Melies. Today this film is like a fairytale, takes us beyond the conventional storytelling with Geroge Melies, cinematic aesthetics and the story of a small boy Hugo.
US film director Martin Scorsese (C) poses with British actor Asa Butterfield (L) and US Chloe Moretz (R) as they arrive for the French Premiere screening of the movie “Hugo” directed by US film director Martin Scorsese, on December 6, 2011 in Paris. AFP PHOTO FRANCOIS GUILLOT (Photo credit should read FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images)