Whattpad is a place where all writers unwind their creativity. Today there are many scriptwriters, story tellers, screenplay writers, film students and many budding writers. writersdigest.com has showcased many success stories. It is great to see this platform. Lets join and write what you like, may it be your story, imagination, synopsis or the openingContinue reading “WHATTPAD WRITER’S DIG”

Sui-Dhaaga – A film which joins our nation thorough craft

Being a secular nation we use more than 20 languages and have more than 26 states.  We house many communities. There are millions of crafts-men who were once called artisan, are today left with no future. The war between man and machine is old. I remember, Bollywood Classic – Naya Dau , cinematographer M. N.Continue reading “Sui-Dhaaga – A film which joins our nation thorough craft”


Today when news flashed the leading investigative journalist Viktoria Marinova who is murdered, who worked for broadcaster TVN. It is a small time broadcasting company. I see the courage at the age of 30, and the iron heart to enter into investigative journalism. Latey Marinova anchored a program “Detector” on TVN, where she interviewed twoContinue reading “LONG LIVE VIKTORIA MARINOVA !”


गुलाबजाम एक मराठी पिक्चर खूप चर्चा ऐकली होती. जेव्हा स्वतः बघितला तेव्हा मात्र माझे मन बदलले. आपण हिंदी चित्रपट त्यांचा प्रभाव वगैरे बोलत असतो. आज मला ते संपूर्ण पाहायला मिळाले. या चित्रपटाच्या पटकथे विषयी मला काही मूलभूत प्रश्न आहेत. आज जेव्हा आपण ऐकतो कि गुलाबजाम म्हणजे तोंडात पाणी पाणी करतो. मला काळात नाही कि आपणContinue reading “गुलाबजाम “

#Creative Writing

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~ William Wordsworth Creative writing is a style today. There are many aspirants who want dive into the world of creative writing. I saw many students from high school who indulges into creative writing. The students who join the creative writing classes then start writing intoContinue reading “#Creative Writing”

Where are the book lovers?

Where are the book lovers? I was checking my mobile for whatsapp forward for Friendship day. The latest feature added on whatsapp was to show weather it us an original message or is it a forward? Most of the messages are forwards. Surprisingly at the technology has developed the basic language of communication is altered.Continue reading “Where are the book lovers?”

Massimo Quarta the virtuoso

Massimo Quarta the virtuoso Massimo Quarta the world renowned as ‘embodiment of elegance’ visited Pune. He played violin to selected audience. Massimo Quarta is known for his sonority and elegance of diction. We find the very rare refinement of Violin. He is awarded in 2004 of ‘La monde de la Musique, this offered him theContinue reading “Massimo Quarta the virtuoso”

Indian Origin words reign – 2017 OED

Indian Origin words reign – 2017 OED English in India is as old as 400 years. It offered a lot to Indian society. English is Indian’s official language. It was earlier practiced by merchants, missionaries, colonial administration and then attained official status in India. English today used as lingua franca in one of the world’s mostContinue reading “Indian Origin words reign – 2017 OED”