विल्यम शेक्सपिअर च्या काळातील एक हरवलेले पान

नमस्कार मित्रांनो हरवलेले पान , या पॉडकास्ट या सदरात तुमचं स्वागत आहे  मी तुमचा आभारी आहे.  तुम्ही माझे हरवलेले पान हे पॉडकास्ट ऐकलेत तुम्हाला आवडले तुमच्या प्रतिक्रियाही मिळाला त्यामुळे नुकतेच माझ्या हातात आलेले विल्यम शेक्सपिअर च्या काळातील एक हरवलेले पान तुमच्या समोर सादर करीत आहे.  विल्यम शेक्सपियर नाटक का ज्याने 37 नाटक केली होती.  आज इंग्रजीContinue reading “विल्यम शेक्सपिअर च्या काळातील एक हरवलेले पान”

After 500 years Canadian band The Beaches set free Shakespeare’s Desdemona

Rock and Roll of 70s reminds us the freedom of expression and the new beginning of life along with ting of urbanization. Tens and thousands of song written and made human emotions immortal. We find these songs even relevant today. Canada has always received this Rock and Roll with open heart. Recently a girl bandContinue reading “After 500 years Canadian band The Beaches set free Shakespeare’s Desdemona”

A hundred years of jump cut and fade-outs a book by Shoma Chatterjee

Our country is also known for Indian film Industry. There are thousands of people who earn their livelihood with Bollywood. It is the biggest entertainment industry in the world. There are many book written on Indian Cinema. This time I got an interesting book by Shoma Chatterjee, she is Author, Film Scholar and Academician. SheContinue reading “A hundred years of jump cut and fade-outs a book by Shoma Chatterjee”

The Life Book to be Rich

Retirement Planning by Meera Kulkarni Ageing is unavoidable process. We never realize the importance of planning for retirement. We spend our childhood in school, young age is a magic wand it gets over once we enter into 40s. The life ahead through next two decades is full of challenges at professional front, family front andContinue reading “The Life Book to be Rich”