Bidding Adieu to 2022

Jean Luc Godard bid adieu to world on 13 September 2022, a man who inspired a legion of directors across the globe. Many cinematographers and directors mentions him with due respect. He has been the backbone of French New Wave cinema. Once, I was reading an interview given by lady film editor who edited his films. She revealed her experience while cutting his films. He never asked or offered a chance to an editor. He knew the film into his brain, he just use to give orders to play, pause and cut. Godard has been the only director in the world who shot films without script, and edited it without EDL. He created a new film grammar to generations to come. Today when we watch his films, we assimilate the information and after watching the film we start connecting the pieces of information to understand the narrative. At last it is film reciprocation. It is hard to imagine Cannes film festival without Godard. He began his career as a film critic and later became a film director. He is the only example of this soft who learned filmmaking from Z to A and taught us again from A to Z.

It was 6th Feb and news flashed. Lata-didi left the Bollywood empty, It was the biggest blow to Bollywood and all music fraternity. Lata-didi who sang for almost 6 decades and conferred numerous awards created her milestone. Bollywood music is a genre but it is Lata-didi who has major contribution into it. She is one of those singers who lent her voice to almost 4 generations of actresses on screen. Jazz musician Luis Banks has a fond of memories to assisting him.

Bollywood cinema which is known for its inclusion of song, dance, music it is Lata-didi who has witnessed all the creative and technological changes. Lata-didi is an idol today for any singer who starts singing.

KK – who left us suffocated on 31st May 2022,  KK who started his career around two decades ago. It was 1999 when his 1st single was released. We remember when it was the beginning of Channel V in India. Music videos and their market of CDs and DVDs. Live shows and concerts. It was a different market was getting developed. KK happiness to be the rock star of this market. Soon KK became so popular that he was flooded with Bollywood offers. He chose very few and made those songs timeless classics. Today he has left us with nostalgia.

Pundit Birju Maharaj who left us with empty stage on 17 January 2022, his presence on stage was enigmatic. Everyone who loves dance and who don’t like dance use to get mesmerized.  Pt. Birju Maharaj dedicated to dance watched all the world through dance and took the practice and expressions of dance to new heights.

Bappi Lahiri who left us with his maverick music style on February 15 ,2022. Bappi Lahiri started his music direction in 80s. It was the most volatile period for country and even for the world. Electronic instruments were used into music composition. Electric guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, octa pad, beats etc. Bappi Lahiri adopted the technique and went on composting many popular songs. It is this period where multi track recording was possible and technological shift of audio recording has taken place. Studios went from analogue to digital. Many studios, musicians, composers and conductors left with disillusionment. Bappi Da build a new team. Today when Bollywood films use his music as a metaphor for 80s decade.

Raju Srivastava

 A man from humble background has witnessed the high of career as a comedian. He us perhaps the legendary comedian who came to light while not acting in films. The Reality show of Indian Television has made a start. He turns into a light house and guide millions of others to express their opinion with apt words.

Raju Srivastava, who is famous for his sarcasm. He started his career in 90s and made the TV show immortal. The reality TV was something a new genre in India for the decade of 2000. It is comedy show which became hot favourite to all Indians. Somewhere these comedy shows also created a platform for standup comedy and soon it became a ritual for cozy restaurants in next decade of 2020s.

Today it is college students who wish to create their career into stand-up comedy. Really, these two decades of new millennia has evolved the taste of Indians. Somewhere the credit goes to Raju Srivastava. He started as a mimicry artist and became a legendary comedian.

I wish you all Happy New Year. Many have left us. I lost my dad this year. At the same time many new ventures have emerged. One need to live in the moment. I appreciate you love, support for reading and following my blog.

Happy New Year to you and your family.


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