Gully Boy a film which offered identity to Indian underground rappers considered as a milestone in Bollywood. Zoya Akthar directed a film inspired by a small local group of rappers one of them was Dharmesh Parmar aka MC Tod Fod.

Swadeshi a multilingual Hip-Hop group grew in Mumbai DDC Chawl, a Gujrathi and Hindi rapper who churned many social topics from daily hustle to suffocation of youth. He was just 24 but he put the fire in the hearts of Indian youth. It is his group Swadeshi made hip-hop rooted in Indian soil.

The wall graffiti are one part of it, it is interesting to explore hip-hop as it comes with culture. Wall Graffiti is a common sight in many countries of India. It is the first sign that hip-hop culture is around. The hip-hop rappers normally jam in the night. There are special places called as hangouts or adda in all cities. They meet in night post 10.00pm and starts jamming. It’s an open performance and many record it with their mobile. Sometime this jam session goes till 4 am. These jam session toss various aspects of established cultures and strip all the linguistic bourgeois.

A specially cultivated franks lingua makes them unique and their songs make them stars. There is a great following for hip-hop a genre which is coming in a big way. Indian hip-hop is evolving with music, as it is developing categories and sub categories in music. 

Interestingly in Pune near Kondhwa I found hip-hop groups and got to know how and where they perform. It is wonderful to see how this culture is taking shape. I have attached few photos of Pune Wall Graffiti Kondhwa.

It always attracts me as it has more fusion, experiment in language, fashion and music. Long live his song ‘India 91’

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Passionate about cinema, fine art, literature and photography, while teaching in media school Rahul Mate makes a little change into the life of people by connecting them with world of creative freedom.

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