Do What You Can

When all world was stand still, Covid cases were rising, no medicine in sight. All business were closed. People were frightened and praying in siting in home. It is Jon Bon Jovi who put the hope among us to come out of this difficult time. It is his words who started the song and then he asked millions among us to build the lyrics for this song. There are several version of this songs. He selected few lyrics and sang with us.

Tonight, they’re shutting down the borders
And they boarded up the schools
Small towns are rolling up their sidewalks
One last paycheck coming through.
I know you’re feeling kind of nervous
We’re all a little bit confused
Nothing’s the same, this ain’t a game
We gotta make it through

I am sure, you also must have wrote something for this song. Do share it in reply.

I follow Jon Bon Jovi since his 1st album ‘Bon Jovi’. It is one of the rarest album. India got globalized and his latest album Keep the Faith (1992) took Indian youths to shout. He became more popular with the advent of Mtv and Channel V launch in India. It was a cassette era, we use to wait for the cassette as they were sold at very few places in town. These Days (1995). An album with full of nostalgia. Soon the things changed and world became more fast.

Bon Jovi band split for some time. This is a particular time when everyone was expecting anything. Bon Jovi formed his band with different members and launched a complete different lyrics and music for an album Destination Anywhere (1997) it is one of the less talked album, I will discuss it some other article. There come the issues of Y2K and we approached new millennium, suddenly the thinking pattern and business equations changed.  Bon Jovi got united and launched this studio album Crush (2000) now the music in this album is completed changed but lyrics were groovy and rhythm was punchy. They hit the Billboards once again. Bounce (2002) went unnoticed in India when it had many motivating numbers. It is a particular time when mobile telephone with Mp3 and Radio facility was introduced into handset. Have a Nice Day (2005) a more punchy and popular music by Bon Jovi. Music lovers appreciated Bon Jovi for his innovative lyrics and music. Bon Jovi reign the world of Rock n Roll and Popular Music for almost now for 3 decades. Lost Highway (2007), The Circle (2009), The Circle (2009), What About Now (2013) who had poetic lyrics and heart rending music were lost in the transition period of technology. This is how Bon Jovi gave a big bang Burning Bridges (2015). Later This House Is Not for Sale (2016) with Island Records sans Richie Sambora gave some memorable music and then his latest album in last year with a song Do What You Can. It seems to be a promising but I have not listened to it. I find a perfect balance of life into Bon Jovi music. It is sad to listen Bon Jovi without Richie Sambora. But, hey the new members are awesome. You also must be having some memory with Bon Jovi do share it with me.

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