Life’s a Pitch

Book by Roger Mavity and Stephen Bayley

A sunny afternoon, usual crowd strolling at the corridor, suddenly a black limousine stops and shofar runs to open the door. A door open and a well-dressed man comes out and suddenly two more men accompany him. He starts walking and goes through the glass door. It is a regular scene at Taj Mumbai. Millions of people dream for this life. It is a dream of many aspirants. Last week, I got one book, Life is a Pitch. This book is written by two successful business men.

Roger Mavity who is a Writer and Photographer, he founded his own advertising agency, Mavity Gilmore Jaume, in 1981. After ten successful years, he sold the business and became Chief Executive of Granada Group’s leisure division. There he led the pitch for the company’s takeover of the Forte Group then with many landmarks in his life he came up with this book. Since 2013 he do writing and photography. He is known for his artwork and it is his first book, ‘Life’s a Pitch’,

Another writer of this book, Stephen Bayley considered as think tank in Britain”, he graduated from Universities of Manchester and Liverpool, he taught at the University of Kent He is a an Honorary Fellow of The RIBA, a Trustee of The Royal Fine Arts Commission Trust and a Fellow of The University of Wales. Today he is one of the leading product designer.

This is a life book which is written by two eminent personalities by putting their own experience, knowledge and observations. As a reader you will be thrilled with many anecdotes, quotes or snippets.

Pitch a word used in advertising. When I saw this book, It triggered my curiosity this book guides us. On each aspect of our life. Be it a professional life, client meeting or a family function. We are always been watched, today with social media each this intensity has crossed all limits.

This book is written and printed in a very reader friendly way. We find, Heading, subheading, into bold and bigger font. Each chapter mentions the take away at the end.  This book is reader friendly, any first time reader will be enticed with book. One can glance and get all the crux in one go.

This books suggests, how any single idea to be presented in business or personal life? Everyone gets one chance. It is up to us how we utilize it.

I recall a take away, “Life is a theater don’t act like an actor think like a playwright.”

The writers have offered various examples from real life, books, business and cinema.

This book guides us on each step of life and business, “a rehearsal is important.” It was another take away. You will find many guide lines to your business, professional life and everyday situations. It is a ready reckoner and an office table book.

I suggest to all professionals, businessmen and students, I signoff my review with a quote from the book. Our life is non-stop, pitch. 


Published by Rahul Mate

Passionate about cinema, fine art, literature and photography, while teaching in media school Rahul Mate makes a little change into the life of people by connecting them with world of creative freedom.

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