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Retirement Planning by Meera Kulkarni

Ageing is unavoidable process. We never realize the importance of planning for retirement. We spend our childhood in school, young age is a magic wand it gets over once we enter into 40s. The life ahead through next two decades is full of challenges at professional front, family front and health front. Many who neglect the retirement planning and land swiftly into retirement age face many questions?

‘Retirement Planning’ books reveals the process of planning with insightful and interesting anecdotes of various people who choose different paths and how they landed into retirement stage. How they dealt with the situation and how they avoided some troubles. School empowers us with knowledge, parents and teachers fuel us with motivation and when we land on professional front we perform at our best but when we retire, life changes inside out. We realize the difference of colleague, acquaintance, childhood friend, friend and companion.

Post retirement financial gap and social void triggers our temperament. The loneliness become the first enemy. Nagging health issues increase worries. Dr. Meera Kulkarni guides us through ten steps.  She takes us through planning for our nest, investment and health. She explains the concept of Ikigai, a Japanese concept to find the purpose of life. Once we find the purpose we can lead a meaningful life. The step of managing personal finances, hobbies, leisure and perusing creative call. How this is important to manage life and stress balance.

The life after retirement is a challenging as the attitude of family, friends, neighbor changes towards us. We starting facing a questions every day, what to do? How to socialize? Where to find company? How to ask for help? The biggest issue is the answer No. we start getting this answer often. It is important to understand the changes takes place around us. One need to manage the temperament and adjust according to changing time and chimes.

The book also focus upon, making a ‘Will’ and maintaining health should be our agenda. How to avoid fights over property when we are alive or later. Writer has offers step by step information, Dr. Meera Kulkarni digs deep, how important for us to understand the youngsters and how important for youngsters to support elderly. Once day everyone become old. It seems difficult in old age to ask for help when they have passed many decades independently. It is difficult to digest loneness. Today when we all live the life ‘on the go’, one hardly find time to spend and take care of elderly people, writer suggest how organizations like Anubhuti, Silver Homes are working for elderly to help them lead dignified life.  

I recommend this book to all youngsters to understand the importance of planning. This book suggest a well-planned approach for investment. Dr. Meera Kulkarni reveals the secret of Ikigai and helps us to balance stress and life. This book offers us various ways to cement social bonds, nurture relationships and making a Will to avoid any trouble. This book makes us aware, how we can solve the problems of elderly with compassion.

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