Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2019

It was first day first show, I was longing to watch this film. There were news and articles about this film but the nothing was clear. Quentin Tarantino declared this film is dedicated to Hollywood of 60s. I remember how the decade of 60s changed the world. Apolo landing on moon, air travel, Woodstock, Rock and Roll music, mass production, emerging cities and most importantly the Television sets for household entertainment. The new decade emerged with a new dawn. There has been no decade as life changing as the decade of 60s is considered even today.

Life changed we moved on, radio reduced into transistor form. Television became an usual part of house hold. The generation of hippie evaporated mist on window pen. Music put it into records. We got a new word, Nostalgia. When I watched Once upon a time in Hollywood, it gave me goose bumps to watch and experience the thrill.

This film talks about Manson family crimes, Hollywood film making, Playboy mention and Actor Rick Dalton with this stunt double. The main characters of this film are Rick Dalton and his former stuntman Cliff Booth. They are not celebrities, they are struggling for their career. The Hollywood Star Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski. The films is inspired by some events but it is certainly not a history film. It is like a novel which offers us enough place to imagine and unwind our conscious.

The decade of 60s is also known as swinging 60s. There are many songs written on this decade. The world changed after the 60. Man put its foot on moon, air travel increased as industry all over the world. World moved from home based products to imported products. The trade crossed the borders of every country. The migration was started for the purpose of jobs and business. The lifestyle of city life went under a sea change. This social change also reflected into lifestyle and psychology. As it reflected into life, it further went into artistic expression.

WW II which made millions of people homeless, jobless and poor went on to raise questions to destiny. The generation which was born immediately after the WWII is called as flower generation which had nothing but stars to gaze and land to sleep. They became hippies. These neglected group of people from all over the world became hippie the biggest cult of 19th century. They started living in commune and then came the industrial age. The age of arrogance, the age of industry and money. The hippies were humiliated all over the world. We must remember the Apple and Microsoft founders were once hippies. Later they started their life in a different manner. That culture gave us psychedelic music.

QT has a style of using elaborative dialogues. This film is expectation. The dialogue seems more real. This film elaborates the nostalgia with camera and music. QT used the already recorded songs it offers the originality and true, one cannot compare when you refer the piece as a nostalgia

I find it interesting to see the life sans gadgets. How the ordinary people of 60s lived and loved. The life was simple and straight. The dreams they pursued were achieved and the love was reciprocated. The dreams were simple and people wereeIt is interesting to see the bond between two humans it had no label attached. I find this film more lyrical, like a ballad to yore.    

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