Jhon Rambo a Character

Jhon Rambo a Character & Creative Writing Respective

Jhon Rambo the character of Sylvester Stallone is known today to every house hold. David Morrell who created this character in 1972 novel First Blood. This novel was adopted into movie by same name in 1982 by Ted Kotcheff.  Sylvester Stallone who played this character became legend. The uniqueness of Rambo franchise is there are 4 films and they are directed by 5 different directors. Sylvester Stallone was involved with directors like Ted Kotcheff, George P. Cosmatos, Peter MacDonald, Adrian Grunberg . He himself directed 2008 Rambo. This is the uniqueness of Rambo franchise films. They are considered in best films ever made.

David Morrell who is American- Canadian writer, wrote more than 35 books. He created a character Jhon Rambo, he wrote three novels dedicated to this character. The latter two films were developed by the Sylvester Stallone and scriptwriters of those films.

in creative writing it is a unique example, how a character of Jhon Rambo is developed by one writer, how it is further developed and transformed on screen with various scriptwriters, screenplay writers and Sylvester Stallone himself. Sylvester Stallone is also admired for his skill of scriptwriting. The art of creative writing can be developed nurtured and flourished by dedicated readers like you.

Exploring the Rambo film franchise will be a unique exercise. Watch these films. Make notes and mail me what you have observed? Jhon Rambo a character developed on silver screen 1982, the decade of 80s, 90s, and two decades of this millennium. We need to observe with the advent of technology, the challenges of Jhon Rambo changed, there are socio-political changes took place. The war and fighting techniques are changed. It is interesting to see the latest delivery of Sylvester Stallone – The last blood. When everything changed what remained constant is the characteristics of Jhon Rambo. There are three generations who have watched the films of Rambo. There are several actors who tried to build their bodies like Rambo and attempted to remake the films like Rambo. None of the film has made the fortune which could be compared with Jhon Rambo.

It is interesting to study the characteristics of this character. Friends always remember a person is known by its characteristics and not by money, fame and fortune. I will be waiting for your feedback.

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