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Creative writing is a larger umbrella. It covers various types of fiction nonfiction writing. Today with the advent of technology various new forms of creative writing has developed.

Writing for cinema is also a type of creative writing. Just give thought, isn’t it creative to image a character and its characteristics. As a human we always live in group. We have family, society, culture and political system in our country. The society where we live in has certain rules and notions of thoughts.

When we develop a character we also need to think of sub or secondary characters who will help develop the main character and story. When we talk about story it is based in a time period and it involves some characters. It is a skillful thing to write the story and develop it on paper where the reader will read and imagine the landscape, social and political system of that place and time. The reader may sympathizes with character may not. Likewise there will be other characters and activities will take place in the writing. Reader will try to imagine the scenario once again with the possible knowledge.

It became all the more important when we adopt a novel into a film. Godfather by Mario Puzzo today has reached almost at every reader. Some of you may like the film over novel, and some have enjoyed novel over film. It is your personal choice.

Today, I just want to talk to you on the creative aspect of Godfather which still connect us with the film, book, Italy and Gangster films across the globe. Mario Puzo an American writer, journalist, screenplay writer wrote many scripts for his novels to be adopted into films. He collaborated with few directors and helped them convert this books into films. The interesting part of his work is, his work primarily published as a book became a success and got adopted into film, and then it became so famous that his Godfather trilogy was also adopted into computer game.

My dear friends it is the power of your writing, Mario Puzo who started his career as a journalist, served as a Public Relation officer during WW II. He wrote Godfather in 1969, Francis Ford Coppola liked it and asked Mario Puzo to write a screenplay. Both got too much involved with the project and there came the trilogy of Godfather films. The films are based upon a gangster family of Don Vito Corleone. Vito, his children and their family and associates. The film entice audience with dialogue, action and the inter-relation among the characters. It is interesting to see the underworld, operatives, legal issues, characters and their developments. The plot of the film find relevance till today.

The Godfather trilogy has inspired many writers, directors all over the world. Check the films like Sarkar or Sarkar Raaj, Bombay Velvate, or Aab Tak Chappan, Gangs of Wasepur, Mirzapur,We see the inclusion of some scene or built-up of a story in the style of Godfather. The character of Don Vito Corleone inspired so many characters even from Bollywood. Jacky Shroff, Sanjya Dutt, we often see these characters behaving larger than life roles. Vastav the gangster classic, we see the main character like a messiah for his associates.

The sudden violence of Ab Tak Chappan, Sarkar or Sarkar Raaj, is just set up like Godfather. We see the fight scene inside the hospital, the attack on victim same like Godfather in so many films. Even the films in Bollywood, The shootout sequence like Godfather in Bollywood gangster films. The gun is already stuck under the table in hotel or gun in toilet. The scenes are built in many films across the world. We enjoy scenes like these in Parinda or Dabaang.

When I see Godfather today, I realize how this novel, film has inspired the creative people like writers, screenplay writers, actors and many like us. Like a symphony, Godfather is shared with the world and every creative person is reciprocates, inspires and recreates the symphony with different beauty but faithfully keeps the original sacrosanct. The other writers, directors always plan to play homage to this great cinema through their expression.

The Godfather I film was released in 1974, Godfather II in 1974 and Godfather III in 1990. Godfather trilogy revolutionized the world of cinema. It inspired many generations of directors. Even today the visual design of Godfather provide the guideline for noir films. We will discuss how and where in some other podcast. It is sure that creative writing when adopted to screen it changes its cover but the original structure remains the same. It is the beauty of creative writing. Let’s meet up again in my new podcast to explore the yet another strive of creative writing.

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