How DDLJ triggered world economy

The flights are landed for more than 2 months. The whole world is stand still. The positive development is, the world is going to open their business at local and then at national level step by step. Soon the international borders will be open but the fear of Covid19 may remain for a while. The press is flashing different headlines, the millions of jobs are in danger, and the new work from home policy is welcome by many IT companies. Educational establishments are coping up with this new online teaching learning development. The world is changing and it is taking a yet new turn.

DDLJ or Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge 1995 film which ran till 2017 and made a world record in longest running Bollywood film. This particular film brought many changes into Indian lifestyle. It was a particular year when Indian as a country embraced the process of globalization. Amidst of chaotic atmosphere of press the globalization and industrial development gave a different dimension to India.

It was the period which we can mark the beginning of e-commerce. The Indian IT industry was started during this time. Travel and Tourism industry started during this time. DDLJ convinced Indian people that going to abroad could mean a fun, a business tour and Indian people saw Europe tourism. This film unknowingly helped many travel companies in attracting the customers. If you remember we see the nostalgia of DDLJ into Ae Dil Hain Mushkil, the characters meet in Europe and meet the vary places which made famous by DDLJ. There is a fantasy of Anushka Sharma by wearing sari and to dance in Swiss Mountains. We see the similar fantasy or setting in Indian films made post DDLJ.

There are many film directors who made their films, post DDLJ but shoot some parts or songs in Europe as it was in help for those countries for their tourism and alike. The representation of this same we even find in Web Series Hundred where the lead character has a dream to go to Switzerland.

I remember the earlier and un-noticed E-commerce boom started in India was in 1998. Microsoft launched windows 98 which became very famous product of Microsoft till date. This product was enabled with internet and email. Electronic mail was a novelty of those days when people were using email id. The internet speed was in kbps. Today it is nearly impossible to imagine the time before airline boom. The DDLJ has propagated foreign tourism and in a way helped in triggering international airline boom.

Richard Branson can have his rise and fall only after DDLJ, He especially came to India, gave due respect to Indian cinema. The conventional academics was not far behind as the privatization of education taken place in India. The Indian education system adopted the changes very fast. Courses and PG Diploma in travel and tourism started in various universities. British council library and IATA started certificate courses into travel tourism. It was not much sought after career till post 2015 when e-money was promoted.

Airhostess academy has been a dream destination for various girls and boys for a decade. The institutes have started their business in tin-shade and now expanded to offshore properties. It is sad to note, this travel and tourism, airhostess academy, event management are the most sought after and most underrated courses in India. The skill development is the initiative of Indian government and it is also getting a good response as everyone in the country realize the importance of heart and hearth.

The journey of India economic development started with a film has faced a hurdle in 2020. I am sure, this journey will soon get back on track and will thrive in coming years. It is a journey of complete micro economy. When travel tourism takes place it is the micro economy travel, hotel, hospitality, event management, retail, handicraft, local products, tourist guides, language classes and many other products and services. It becomes a life cycle.

Today after 25 years of DDLJ , will we have a movie like this once again? Will the Raj and Simran will pour their magic wand over Indian terrain? I am sure, soon the change will take place for better future.

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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Poster 1

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Poster 1





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2 thoughts on “How DDLJ triggered world economy

  1. The title of your post grabbed my attention. Indeed ddlj was the first one to start international tourism trend in India. I actually saw a ddlj tribute placed at mount titlis, in Switzerland. Apparently, the movie is still boosting tourism there! 😀


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