Panoramic view on Global Pandemic Covid 19

It is morning sans newspaper, TV news reader shouting another breaking news……. The number of Covid 19 has increased by….. in your city. Another breaking news…….. got affected by Covid 19 don’t go away we are going to discuss with doctors about the same issue.

I like online media at least it offers many innovative news and content to motivate us or update us. It is new, slim, slick and smart media. Today when I came across a news from Infosys that more

than one lack IT employees will continue to work from home post-lockdown: Kris Gopalakrishnan, in Economic Times. Cognizant and its rival Tata Consultancy Services another company Wipro where their 7 out of 10 employees work outside India. The global pandemic has made a shift in Industrial working style. There is lot of security and secrecy is maintained while working with IT Company. The techie and talent both are equally important. There will be a development into computer networking, apart from LAN, WAN and MAN there will be Secure Borderless Work Spaces (SBWS).

As I mentioned last year, there was a new trend in industry for last two years, 2018 and 2019 where the individual employee was more important to organization. As the working and working style of all same business platforms adopted more or less same, it was the trend among the employees to gain more job satisfaction and growth. It was the particular period of boom in entrepreneurship and in Indian context we can call it a period of startup incubators.
I see this as an Industrial change to be recorded and need to be studied into academics. In Indian context, I will say, various types of new entrepreneurs started with dreams and passion. Many of them flourished their business with their grit and vision. The sudden pandemic and lock-down it becomes difficult to thrive. 3G and 4G network were the base of communication of business.
Post Covid 19, I see some changes into business platforms.
1. IT companies will promote the work from home strategy in result many new startups will come into existence.
2. Micro-networking will be strengthen and the supply chain at micro level will flourish just like the conventional ways but this time it will be hybrid.
3. Online teaching learning platforms will thrive as they will take advantage of space, time and leisure
4. Home delivery apps and online retail will thrive once again.
5. The conventional hotels will shift to take away joint or home delivery system.
6. The skillful employees will start their small but effective ventures

As there are various options for economy to grow there will be challenges also. We need to understand the unorganized sector of society will be the one who will be more affected. This pandemic is going to change the nature of conventional business modules. There is conventional module operated in India, where we work for a month and get a salary, it may be changed to charges for the services we offered. One employee may work for other employer at same time or at other time. The unorganized sector will be more dynamic and it is going to generate the money but unfortunately it is not counted in GDP. The growing sector of microfinance will thrive and the slow growing sector of life insurance and med-claim will get a boost.
To balance the organized sector and unorganized sector it is a time to start new business other than the core business domain. It will create an employment generation and profit. As the basic needs of economy are going to be more life specific than leisure. When we face a global pandemic, it is more than economy, international relations and business what changes fast is the people’s mindset. I see immense potential into the growth of cities like Mumbai and Pune as these cities have been the most affected cities. People from across the country come here to make their fortune. In time like these it is the business houses and state government and central government came to much help of the people who live and work here. It is the lesson to be learned from these cities how they fought with pandemic.

I salute all medical staff, police, cleaning staff, drivers, logistic staff and all volunteerism who are out on road to save the mankind. I see them the leaders of tomorrow. Kudos to all those people who are fighting Covid19.

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