The Glory of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

We proudly live in country of 1.237 billion population and 29 states, India is upcoming world power. We proudly have world business giants like Tata, Bajaj, Mittal, Reliance, Wipro, Kirloskar, Marshal, Sahara and many more. India has reign in information and technology for more than a decade. All out sourced work for call centers and BPO is the main contributor for development.

Our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is world renowned economist and Cambridge alumni. Who is the only very highly qualified person with man international awards. No other country in the world has such a highly qualified, visionary and prolific person. This is his second term to be as Prime Minister.

UPA government is made of 11 different political parties. We can imagine how it will be difficult for UPA to take a decision. UPA has to convince all the smallest parties who are in their alliance. Unfortunately they had a strong opposition. Many times when they have shown interest to pass a bill and it is opposed by opposition party.

Sensational news is what the new gizmo friendly Indians are looking forward. With this sensational news they can then share or tweet on social media. Telecommunication and internet reached at the remote end during this last decade only. This very promising development we over look and we cling to the age old human attribute of gossiping. Social media is only used today for gossiping in private domain. We as human have altered our private and social circle for social media. The result, we see what is been shown. Our analytical inclination is long gone.

In spite of the natural atrocities and international fund crutch and many difficulties India is remained untouched by the unfortunate events what have taken place on international canvas.

I personally feel, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has maintained the dignity and authenticity of the post of Prime Minister. In spite of loud voices from opposition and media he maintained a dignity of his position

It is time to cling our analytical skills before succumbing to any sensational report.


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