News paper of any country is the real identity of civilization. English daily in India has always had an aura. Those were the days of less population and less development and very few knew English language but the charm of journalism was at its peak. English daily was the decision maker for Indians and the editors were usually British.

It was the decade of 40s when first breed of Indian journalists were into their teens. Journalists like Frank Moraes, Khushwant Singh, M.V. Kamath, S Sadanand, T J S George, K Shivaram, M.J. Akbar, Girilal Jain, Behram Contractor alias Busybee, and Alfred D’Cruz shaped the Indian journalism landscape.

   M.V. Kamath who started his career with Free Press Journal and then worked with various news papers from India in 1946. He has been the foreign correspondence from Europe and US. He has penned more than 50books. His last book made ripples as it was the biography of Narendra Modi.  He had courage to say what he wants to say. He never compromised.

I remember once when he was working with Illustrated weekly along with Khshwant Singh. He was advised that serious journalism will not sale. He did make his point by saying journalism play its role. After Khushwant Singh he took up the responsibility and ran it successfully. The magic of his writing and precision of composition enticed audience.

M.V. Kamath reign over six-decades he never took a holiday or break. It is wonderful to note that he first time requested Free Press Journal that excuse his for a week as doctor advised him to get admitted. I call it a marvel that, the day he passed away his column has appeared in Free Press Journal.  He was conferred Padma Bhushan award in 2004. He was offered a sit of Chairman of the Prasar Bharati Board, but a man like him deserves much more.

  1. Sadanand started Free Press Journal in 1927. The free Press Journal has been renowned for their support to Indian congress and demand for freedom from British Raj. S Sadanand who was a self taught journalist and trained many juniors who became legends of next millennium. S Sadanand has undeniable contribution in honing the skills of M V Kamath.

It is worh noting the fact that M V Kamat’s happy moment. He said, he was present at the function of announcing the Independence of India. He reported the same in news paper. Today after so many years he feels proud to witness the Indian independence and the growth of India.

M V Kamat will be remembered a man of principal. Who never compromised to his journalistic standards, he is an iconic example of journalistic integrity. In days of internet he always used his type writer as if it was his companion. He never gave unnecessary importance to meaningless technology. Pencil and pen were his tools.

I suggest his last book ‘À Reporter At Large’, talks about his experiences as a journalist. It will be an intellectual treat for aspiring journalist and writers.

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