If a look could kill

Way back in 1997 when I was in my college days and use to spend my Sunday on news papers. I was criticized as a boy lost in newspapers. I came across an article ‘ If a look could kill’. I was zapped with the style of writing which appeared in Sunday Times of India supplement. Article talked about Matthew McConaughey a new actor praised for his acting skills. It was about movie ‘A Time to Kill ‘1996 film adaptation of John Grisham’s 1989 novel of the same name, directed by Joel Schumacher. Matthew McConaughey played a role of an young lawyer.

I liked the head line and I still remember the reply from Matthew McConaughey, “ I do not want to kill anybody. It is just the title.” I liked this actor by his looks and the article. Later when India entered into globalization and I got my VCD player in year 2000. I along with my dad, who has a keen interest in films; we entered into Plant M (yester year famous store). I surprisingly bought the VCD and watched the film. I liked this actor very much.  I started wondering that where will I find his films?

In 2004 when I was working with an advertising agency as a copywriter, I ventured into an army open air theater which permits the locals to watch the films. It was my first experience with open air theater in the world of multiplex. The magic of moon light and fun of starts made my movie view more alive. I got transformed in to the era of World War II.  Film was How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days. This film talk about the life of a copywriter which is played by Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson played a role of a writer who works for a magazine. It is a romantic comedy. I liked the way they have given justice to the role of a copywriter and a writer. Director Donald Petrie gave justice to the characters. He became my favorite actor. This film weaved many romantic situations and passion for each other. Complete psychological growth and then the realization of love for each other has portrayed neatly. Nuances of life and charm of life style has captured with minute details. When I watched this film I did not feel that I am watching a foreign film. The story of the films is just like any other Bollywood film what makes the difference is the direction.

I still use this film as an example for teaching direction. When you do not have a very great story, you do not have great star cast and you do not have a big budget which means you are planning your failure. But no, see this film and you will realize how life takes turn on unknown moments and how a person makes a place in your heart. What is love and how it happens. If you want to experience the charm and fantasy of love, then what this film, plan it on weekend and you will bless me for advice.

This year “Dallas Buyers Club.” film made high waves in Oscars This film is based on a real life story of Ron Woodroof. He played as a hard-drinking, homophobic who is diagnosed as HIV positive. McConaughey did his best to play this role as he lost 40 pounds to act in this film as a real life character. Movie got its due by winning him the best actor.

Jean-Marc Vallée a young and dynamic Canadian film director has made this film out of his love for craft. March 2013 for Elle Magazine Matthew McConaughey says,”I don’t want to just revolve. I want to evolve. As a man, as a human, as a father, as a lover.” I as a person have followed him from last 18 years. By watching this 44 year old actor and his love for his craft make me inspire. It frequently tells me, life is full of ups and down. One can achieve everything what one desire. It is just the matter of time.

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