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Zurich Street Parade is been a sensation in all newspaper and media houses. 2nd August 4, 2014. Zurich celebrated this Street Parade with participation of more than 9,50,000 techno fans  marked their presence. The wonderful part of this Street Parade is, it invite all nationals and celebrate. This year the theme was ‘enjoy the dance floor and save it.’ The political agenda of this parade was, to live together in peace and tolerance.

It is a festival full of music and dance. This year the Schumacher’s track <Enjoy the Dancefloor> is the official anthem. It is a deephouse beats fused with modern electro sounds. The analogue male sound adds beauty to it.

The living legend Paul Van Dyk who is known as figurehead DJ will be performing. Robin Schulz who is considered as star in analogue and digital platforms, he will leave the crowd on this confetti, glitter and bubbles. Danny Avila the youngest EDM chart’s hottest act will be a part of it. Adriatique the two guys from Zurich who have started their music from Grandfather’s turntable will be the attraction for the event. Many other DJS and music acts will leave the crowd spellbound.

Thousands of revelers flocked the streets of Zurich. 20Swiss and International DJs performed. This parade ran for 9 hours and finished at 10.00pm. I think it is a wonderful activity. We as Indian should start it on these footnotes. India being large in population and hungry for celebration will offer yet another chance to retailers and FMCG companies. Apart from religious occasions where these MNCs hardly get any chance for encroachment they will be getting a front door entry if they start this kind of festivals in our country.

Event management which was a hobby now it is considered as a serious business and companies like Wizcraft have opened their wings in India. TV is yesterday. Events and online events is a new marketing mantra. I am sure, smart phones have capacity to glue their users with screen and it appeals to Indians as well. Easy and palpable bit of knowledge make the user flatter is the reality. I can prove it with example.  2nd August is celebrated as Friendship Day, when I wished my friend, Happy Friendship Day with my close-up smile he shouted on me for asking, what about tomorrow? Are we not friends tomorrow? How this one day make sense to you. It is just a marketing gimmick. Grow up and use your brain.

I have realized however foolish we may be but everybody will love pampering. If MNCs do these kind of pampering events it will turn in to wonders.


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