Web Series Reign in India  

While the exodus of the Indian audience away from their idiot boxes may well be underway, web series are slowly and steadily replacing television soap operas for the aam janta. But do we really step away from the mainstream? Do we give offbeat web series a chance after all?

The shows like Permanent Roommates, Tripling and Baked have laid a highway for Indian webseries.  The WOF is most popular tool to hookup any offbeat web series. The digital plat form of promotion worked the wonders. I have analyzed and put some Indian Web Series for you.

The Aam Aadmi Family – (The Timeliners )-The Aam Aadmi Family is one of the most well acted and offbeat web series, and is definitely a must watch. As the name resembles with on political party it has something interesting to watch.

Metaphorically they have put Indian family system with its badgage on screen. We find a gossip-loving grandmother, a hardworking father, a sanskaari mom, and two grown up kids who are dealing with their middle-classness in the best way possible.


UNTag -It is a show with social message, one that attempts to lose the tags that people attach to others, unsuspectingly reducing them to nothing but a tag that has been assigned to them, when people are so much more, in their own unique way. The story of “a badass boss and a bunch of advertising agency professionals”, UNTag is a must watch from Voot.


Official Chukyagiri- The story of Spandan is about a small town boy who arrived in the city of dreams, Mumbai with a dream of his own. Now an intern, Official Chukyagiri it offers us the part of Spandan’s corporate experiences at his new office. As many youngsters migrate to city from villages this serial is much dear to them. This serial is made by Arre, Official Chukyagiri shows us Spandan’s view of the corporate world through the eyes of an intern.


Daaru Pe Charcha – It is one of the popular show, you do not need to be a druncker or tetotler it is a lighthearted comedy on day today life.

Tanhaiyan – It comes on HotStar. This show is romantic and it has it’s warmth. The show holds an 8.8 rating on IMDB, indicating highly positive viewer feedback, meaning one should definitely give this show a shot if the genre is your thing.


Alisha – It is a crime investigative series set in the backdrop of the fashion industry. The series traces the journey of a 24-year-old fashion blogger turned investigator Alisha. It is rated 7.8 on IMDB, you can find their comments on YouTube videos.


Chinese Bhasad – It is a highly imaginary serial, just imagine bringing home your boyfriend/girlfriend, and expressing your plans to marry that person. Scary right? it’s comedy chaos and hilarious stereotype satire. Look, as Chiniese goods have already taken the Indian market, let me tell you they are selling their goods across world. There is no point in becoming politically bias. It is an interesting watch.


Man’s World – From the youth arm of Yash Raj Films, Man’s World is a story about a hypothetical scenario, wherein the lead character thinks men are treated unfairly, and wishes for the roles of men and women to interchange, and well, find out what happens when this wish is granted.

The study of an Indian research agency proves, “Youngsters today, especially the affluent metro youth often splurge on anything they take a fancy to. And, cashing in on this behavioral pattern are brands which are focused upon grabbing their attention.”

The main target audience is affluent metro youth and slowly the rest will fall in line. Youth today want to cling with some accessories or brand what they see on screen. They find their idols on mobile screen more easily than on TV. The near real experiences and neo-indi genre are attracting them to entice with mobile screen. The advertisers are saving on their margins and spending on Web Series as they are the true profit makers.

The toughest challenge for a writer is to unlearn the stuff learned on school or college. The classics, comics are of no use. As a writer one need to observe the reality from within. One need to roam and talk to people and understand the problems. The producers are ready with money. The established business houses are interested in these kinds of serials as they see future of their investment beyond advertising, what they get is branding and they get partners to share the expenses of production.

The routine TV serial is shot in studio with 15k budget for daily soap and what producer get is 6 lacks per episode. The web series business is bigger as one Web Series episode is shot for 20Lacks and what they earn is 2 Cr. The business is big and yet to be rooted in soil. I personally feel, it is the best bet today to launch a Web Series, are you with me?



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