Savitri a River full of tears

The unfortunate bridge collapse of Mahad shook the country. The press across country has diverted their agenda on this issue. After reading the detail reports I conclude, there is no value for life. According to IE unknown number of vehicles plunged into the Savitri River, today we found out some 15 bodies with the high tech machinery, helicopter escorted with police, army and NDRF team.

The post incidence hype and hoopla cannot bring back the life of innocent people.  After 69 years of independence we nonchalantly harp the British raga of how they did remind us and how try to find out one person who made this mistake. This is not preventive or corrective action. There is no need emphasis on how British people’s meticulousness, they are long gone. We are independent now. What our bureaucracy has done in 69 years?

I am really worried about the corruption which is spread among us. 69 years post independence we never felt to rebuild or refurbish the bridge. The population of India has jumped from 30cr. to 125cr. But we never understood the need and means of commutation.  I always see the tenders issued by Municipal Corporation to vendors who build the road, then dig the same newly build road and then re build again. I have reached to the age of 40 by witnessing this same process since my childhood.

It is citizen who pay taxes and then government build the infrastructure. I am shaken by the single thought who can whole country is in deep sleep for 69 years. How one department of government can put forward only files and papers of audits and surveys? If these files, papers, surveys, audits does not yield the output to save the life of people then why we have did it?

This baboodom kind of work just creates papers and files some we name them reports, surveys, and audits. The higher authorities who are politicians who are elected for a specific period they go one step further and make a committee. Then comes the committee report again the paperwork. There is no result oriented work.

The poor baboo-people and temporary politicians find their fortune through papers. British Raj has taught us keep things in black and white.

Today when I read news paper, I wonder how a poor country like Brazil can host the Olimpics amongst the fear of HIV, Zica virus and terrorist attack. How France investigates the terrorist attacks and nab down the terrorist in 24 hours? How France has privatized army? How Turkey people have saved their country? Strange but true, they are not corrupt.

Published by Rahul Mate

Passionate about cinema, fine art, literature and photography, while teaching in media school Rahul Mate makes a little change into the life of people by connecting them with world of creative freedom.

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