Every day we interact with our family, friends and collogue. Do we realize how many new words or combinations we coin? Very easily we slide our tongue and we twist it as per our mood. Let us take an example from English. It is very liberal and straight language. The meaning of the word does not change due to stress, liberal in a sense; it has absorbed various terminologies from various languages and made its version as per the continent or country.

The credit of ‘Neologism’ word goes to David Crystal. It is the name for newly coined term, word or phrase. It must be in common use but must not be accepted in main stream. This term is borrowed from French neologisme (1734). It is first used in English in 1772The list of neologism words is infinite. Today let us take a look at some terminologies.

India which is been their colony very wearied and wonderful connotations we as Indians have given them. You must have noticed natives most of the times coin a term “Hi-Fi’. Example ‘who log bahot hi-fi hai.’ Initially I did not realize what it means. As I grew up I realized the meaning of it as: An electronic system for reproducing high fidelity sound from radio or recordings. It should be read as High Fidelity. This term got popular in 1950 as stereo and small portable transistor radio came in to market. In India we got this term in colloquial for different meaning all together.

In this new millennium we got another desi slang painted on global horizon. WiFi- it should be written Wireless Fidelity. It is coined post 2005 and now come in vogue with all over the world. It seems all copy writers have given up or it may be their neolexia.

Now Americans have coined another terminology Li-Fi. Very recently a Mexican software company has successfully transmitted sound, video and internet across the spectrum by light emitted by LED lamps. They got 10GB speed of data transmission. Soon it will be used in public domain. This technology will illuminate a large area of office and will be connected to all devices which fall in to the range of light. This Li-Fi device circulates data via LED which emit an intermittent flicker at a speed imperceptible to human capacity.

I recall the work of David Crystal, being a world renowned linguistic who wrote 120 books for Cambridge, Penguin and UK Government. I was stunned when I read his article in The Guardian on July 04, 2008. The article ‘2b or not 2b’- David Crystal wrote “Despite doom-laden prophecies, texting ha not been the disaster for language many feared, on the contrary it improves children’s writing and spelling.”


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