Let world learn a chapter of journalism – Devyani Chaubal

Students of mass communication and journalism
from India criticize yellow journalism. Not any teacher or any student
talks about a dynamic journalist Devyani Choubal.  Complete film
industry right from chai-wala to film director faced her awe. Star and
Style periodical became famous due to her writing. She uses to write
for a column called ‘Frankly Speaking’. People from all over India
were following very closely.   Devyani had a very fascinating modus
operandi; she had close relations with stars and their sectaries,
chamchas. She had all her sources laying all over industry.  Everybody
was curious and tensed about her wrighting, It was the prime time of
yellow journalism and Devyani was at her best.  All film industry
fraternity was dread of her column.  She was in a position to make or
break the relationships. Yester year He-man rained some punches on her
when she penned some personal details about his life.
Devyani always had a devil may care attitude
and support from editor and publication, as they knew the potential of
her talent.
Today when we remember Rajesh Khanna a film
star and celebrity it is Devyani Chaubal who wrote articles about hi.
There is a series of articles on Rajesh Khanna. She had a sharp mind
and vitriolic writing style. It is Devyani whose articles revealed
many mysteries and made a platform for the real people who were behind
the screen.  They were dialogue writers who made Rajesh Khanna and it
was Hrishikesh Mukherjee who handled many different subjects with his
discreet skill with Rajesh Khanna.
Devyanni enticed readers with her column.  In
the decade of 60s and 70s Devyani rein film fraternity with her mighty
pen and her blatant writing style.  She gave bollywood a lexicon.
Last year when Milan Luthria directed film
‘Dirty Picture’ which is based on a real life character of south
Indian actress Silk Smitha. Devyani Chaubal and Silk is both
contemporary but had no link between them. It is director’s creative
decision to join them together on screen as whole India will be
watching this film. He planted Naila as a journalist in film. This is
very interesting that when Naila is a journalist character which is
inspired by Devyani Chaubal. Director Milan was very particular while
casting an actress for this role.
I admire Milan Lutheria’s style of film
making. He alters the reality while making film in a limited manner
which will not disturb the crux of the film and in a way it will make
film more interesting. Being a bollywood film director he use the
bollywood references. It is like creating metaphors and similes of
bollywood.  Now I can proudly say- it is bollywood who make cinema and
it is cinema that shapes our lives.
Internet and Wikipedia is too short to
offer information about Devyani Chaubal . If you, as a reader have
collection of articles by Devyani Chaubal then please upload it on
net. It is a perfect medium to share. Let world learn a chapter of
journalism – Devyani Chaubal

Published by Rahul Mate

Passionate about cinema, fine art, literature and photography, while teaching in media school Rahul Mate makes a little change into the life of people by connecting them with world of creative freedom.

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