Golden Indian Budget of 2014

Year 2014 came up with a bang. Election results offered clear and strong mandate to BJP. It is a valuable sign for all Indian nationals. Years of corruption and rustic baboodom took our country back to a century.  Mobile telephony or Information technology does not mean development.

It is a surprise and blessing that all Indians have not started thinking about the future of nation and their own future which is linked to nation. It is considered to be the greatest achievement of this land. After the exposition of corruptions and scandals from road contract to bridge and school mid-day meal to daily food items, Indian nationals have shown the power of vote to all those corrupt officials and politicians.

Today when charges of rail fair and petrol price rise have raised the eyebrows and new Govt. budget is on 10th July it is worth taking a sharp review at nation’s economy.

74.04% literacy of India is ready as we started with 12% in 1947. We have more than 7,500 large scale companies operating in India from various sectors and just 18 million people invest in share market. We always harp about being an agrarian economy. Today in 2014 agriculture yield just 15% in total national income. According to World Bank report 70% Indian stay in rural area and 58 % depend upon agriculture. Only 30% Indian stay in urban area.

            According the CRISIL survey 50 % Indian does not have bank account. It means banking which is a core sector of our economy has immense potential to grow. All foreign banks and national private banks are eager to spread their wings across nation.

Price rise and tax is a pivotal issue and I am sure this budget will have certain concert majors on it. Current price rise is due to some old government misfired policy and some uncontrollable but temporary problems. Price rise is an impact of unjust government and it is an outcome miss-management.

If we take a look at the growth of 25% in Sensex and nifty, it is a clear indication of ‘good times are coming ‘.  Many large scale company owners, their share holders and Indian, NRI and Foreign investors have waited from last 5 years for Indian economy to grow.  Along with large population we are large market as well. Any wise business man will find India as a dream destination for business.

We need to shrug off those rustic views that if foreign company comes then they will take the money to their country. Foreign companies come and open the doors for our nationals as their employees. We have a huge working power and trained youth they will get jobs at their hands with dignity in society.

Anyone who is waiting for budget to invest may miss the train. It is better to be invested. We have witnessed the clear growth in certain scripts in share market. There are stocks which are doubled in just a month period. This budget will prove to be productive for corporate and in a way to Indian nationals. Our progress is directly linked with corporate.

Sectors like Banking, Infrastructure, IT  and Pharmaceuticals  are  going to grow in coming 3 to 5 years and do not wonder if they touch double the price within a year what they have today. This is a lucrative opportunity for all youngsters and for older people mutual fund will be the better option because as Industry will grow they will enjoy the fruits with more ease.

I personally see a very win-win situation for coming 5 years in Indian economy. This is the time when we need to increase the investment in share market. Today we have only 15% people who invest, if we increase our percentage then all will fetch better fruits and we do not have to worry about external factors as we will be self dependent.


Published by Rahul Mate

Passionate about cinema, fine art, literature and photography, while teaching in media school Rahul Mate makes a little change into the life of people by connecting them with world of creative freedom.

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