Deconstructionism of Orkut

Orkut era will be over by September 30,2014 will be the last day of this social networking website. Very recently we witnessed the last telegraph. Once Albert Einstein  said, It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. Orkut has become our extension and made our ego flatter.

Orkut which was started in 2004 coming to an end in 2014, it was at its best when facebook was in its infant days and twitter was yet to born. Gmail was globally accepted and marketed. Google has become the best search engine. Orkut came in India soon acquired the place of Yahoo chat. It soon became popular as it offered a whole lot of place, friends list and attractive features of making groups and writing on their wall. Private conversation and a whole lot more option of searching in social network.

Youngsters of India experienced like swing. Many made their profile and they got spare time entertainment to hang on Internet connection. Many turned in to couples and many couples got separated unfortunately this social networking site could not make any ripples in Hindi Cinema.

Bollywood has songs for Telegraph it is 163 year old service and it made or mar the life of people. Easily this service turned in to symbols. People from all over the world used it as an emergency. There are many films based on the background of World War convey messages through it. Writers find it as a companion; many writers used it to give a twist to the story. The way extreme close up camera shot has potential to give a twist to the story.

Orkut failed to appeal to writers as it has a fragile seductive appeal. I remember the days of Orkut in 2006 to 2010 in India when people joined it rampant and school teachers warned parents about its dire consequences. Psychoanalysts warned the future danger but it did not materialized as it lost its own shine in the spell of facebook.

Orkut has been the heart throb of many and now holds potential to take a few to back in memory lain. What surprise me is not its end but the way this generation is reacting over it. Today when I asked some collegians they replied it in a rather cold manner by nodding their head as it is a part of course. They did not shock as the elder generation got emotional breakout at the last telegraph. People from all over the world narrated their own private memory to younger ones. I agree, Orkut never had its impact in social spear but it certainly gave a place to many. Many youngsters confessed, proposed and celebrated their moments in life. It was once a part of their life but they are not reacting, yes this is the question.

I found the answer in their sociology. In post 2000 years or in last decade of 2010 Bollywood gave no actor as hero and no actress as heroine. The generation born in the last decade on last millennium is not followed any film hero or any potentially considerable literature. This generation is just lost in the development of gadgets like digital camera, DVD player, mobile phone and their superior peers. This generation has also witnessed the end of STD or PCO booth. Today’s youngsters seem to be running short of emotions as no gadget or no parent has plugged them in to humanity.

We can certainly read it a sign of deconstructionism. I recall the lines of Albert Einstein,“The human spirit must prevail over technology”.


Published by Rahul Mate

Passionate about cinema, fine art, literature and photography, while teaching in media school Rahul Mate makes a little change into the life of people by connecting them with world of creative freedom.

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